Marriage Alliance is an independent alliance bringing together individuals and organisations supporting a common cause. We exist to voice the opinion of the silent majority of Australians that respect same-sex attracted people, but do not want to change the current definition of marriage.

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    Transition Regret: The Untold Ending of the Transgender Story

    The drastic measures that are a part of “gender transitions” can have long-lasting effects, many of which are unforeseen by the patients themselves. In an anonymous story in The Guardian, one individual recounts her sobering experience of gender transition.
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    Teen Requests for Gender Transition Are Exponentially Rising

    Over the last four years, the number of children applying for Family Court approval to undergo sex-change treatments has risen by an alarming 360 per cent. A more concentrated look reveals that changes in Victoria have been much more dramatic – with the number of children seeking help from its Royal Children’s Hospital rising 4,000 per cent in the 6 years since the introduction of Safe Schools in the state. In NSW, one lawyer – a specialist in gender dysphoria – has a witnessed a 300 percent increase in the number of such cases.
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