Marriage Alliance is an independent alliance bringing together individuals and organisations supporting a common cause. We exist to voice the opinion of the silent majority of Australians that want to respect same-sex attracted people, but do not want to change the current definition of marriage.

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    Politics Needs to Adjust to Reality

    Even when laws are passed which address past wrongs, it can be hard for those who advocate for a particular group to appreciate and accept a victory for rights unless and until the culture is changed in a way they expect would come with legal changes. Activists can look to lawmakers to put in place changes which they are really seeking from society as a whole.
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    Sophie York: Canada Ruling is an Attack on Parental Rights

    Here at Marriage Alliance, we have been vocal about the impact that marriage has on multiple areas of Australian society – and across the world. This week our spokeswoman Sophie York brought to light the latest societal consequences of redefining marriage in Canada, a country that legalised same-sex marriage more than a decade ago:
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