16,675 Victorian parents protest Safe Schools

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Victoria.jpgIn spite of the strong ideological bent and almost blind commitment to Safe Schools, thousands of Victorian parents are protesting against the program. Not only are they demanding the right to pull their children from these classes, but they are threatening to support the Victorian opposition unless it is effectively removed.

In fact, last week a 16,675-signature petition was delivered to the Victorian Premier’s office by Maria Hill, a mother from Melbourne, and ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn:

“Unless the Andrews Government shows a quick willingness to respond to these parental concerns, by removing ‘Safe Schools’ from the classroom, voters will be looking to support other parties that promise to scrap it at this year’s state election,” Mr Flynn said. 

“Parents are outraged that the Victorian Government continues to teach that childrens’ gender is fluid under the cover of a so-called anti-bullying program. The concern is heightened now as the government has made it clear that ‘Safe Schools’ will be compulsory for all high school students this year.”

At the moment, the Victorian government is continuing to endorse its ideological gender programs. Addressing the press earlier this week, Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews took a defensive stance.

However, while Andrews is taking no positive action on the issue, Victorian opposition is leveraging the favourable conditions, reaffirming their position on education should they win the November state election:

The Victorian opposition says schoolchildren will focus more on reading, writing and maths instead of learning “a politically correct gender and sexuality agenda” if it wins power. 

The opposition education spokesman, Tim Smith, said the current curriculum was “over-cluttered” while literacy and numeracy standards were dropping. 

He also said young people were leaving school without an adequate understanding of how democracy worked. 

The opposition also wants to scrap the Safe Schools program ....

Daniel Andrews and his government are bent on retaining such controversial material in the classroom. But it is obvious that they have underestimated both Victorian parents and the Victorian opposition. If they continue to ignore the requests of thousands of concerned, outraged parents, they do so to their own detriment.

Do your part to remove Safe Schools from Victoria and every other state and territory, and add your name to our petition today!

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