17,000 Petition Against Safe Schools

Marriage_Alliance_Safe_School_Australian_Petition.jpg17,000 Australian-Chinese citizens have signed a petition to end the Safe Schools program in their communities in northwest Sydney. The program, intended to promote anti-bullying, is specifically engineered for the young and rising LGBTI community. 

Their concerns were namely about the program’s direct interference with parental rights. In introducing such mature topics to children against many parents’ consent, they concur that the program oversteps its authority. ABC News weighed in, interviewing Damien Tudehope, the Member for Epping, which is one of Australia’s multicultural electorates:

"One thing that our migrant communities have in common is that they won't allow anyone interfering with their parental rights, and programs like Safe Schools represent an attack on the rights of all parents"

The petition details multiple ways in which the Safe Schools Program is distasteful to the Australian-Chinese community. Not only do the parents take issue with the program’s blatant indoctrination from a parental standpoint, but also from a cultural and religious standpoint. The petition illustrates how the Safe Schools program, in its supposed crusade for non-discrimination, is actually discriminating against the Chinese-Australian community:

We believe that the Safe Schools Coalition Program:

  • Contains resources that promote a particular ideology, including gender fluidity, that is contrary to our cultural and belief system
  • Discriminates against children and parents from other cultures who have a view of sexual relationships involving male and female are normative, due to their families’ cultural and religious belief system, and 
  • Does not allow sufficient parental consent
  • Relies entirely on the judgement of school principals and teacher to the appropriateness of the lessons to be used, disregarding the wishes of parents who may not wish for their children to be exposed to particular content 
  • Is not inclusive of Australia’s cultural and religious diversity
  • Isolates those who come from cultures that have different values to the values being taught
  • Diminishes the seriousness of other forms of bullying such as race, or physical appearance, by focusing on only one form of bullying and excluding other kinds

The consequences of incorporating Safe Schools into school curriculum are clear. Instead of supposedly supporting the anti-bullying cause, it will merely be a means of prioritising the LGBTI agenda, even if it means taking away the rights of other minority groups, including ethnic groups. Meanwhile, it will give the government a say in education that effectively overrides parental authority. Overall, Safe Schools will provide an outlet to take away the freedom of the individual and place more power into the hands of the government. The facts are all there: Australians deserve to know the truth about Safe Schools and the real goals the program seeks to accomplish.

Safe Schools is but one example of those with an agenda trying to impose their beliefs on a population. As marriage and education continue to be at the forefront of the cultural discussion, Australians deserve to know the facts and understand the consequences of what happens if marriage is redefined. Safe Schools provides one answer: government agendas will supersede parental rights.

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