1.5 Million March against gender ideology in Peru

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Peru-Against-Gender-Ideology.jpgConcerned parents of school students in Peru are refusing to remain silent after a new change established by the Peruvian Ministry of Education would force school children to study radical gender theory. 

Under the banner “Hands Off My Children” (#ConMisHijosNoTeMetas), a crowd of 1.5 million marched on 4 March in the San Martín Plaza in Lima, to protest the radical changes. Unsurprisingly, the protest march received precious little coverage in mainstream media.

What the media didn’t miss was how the Peruvian Ministry of Education was recently commended by the United Nations for Peru’s adoption of a “gender equality approach” to school curricula. Looking at extracts from the impending Peru Basic Education Curriculum, it is not hard to see why:

While what we consider ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ is based on biological-sexual differences, these are notions that we build day to day from our interactions with others. 

In addition to this nonsense, teachers are required to discuss topics such as transgenderism and abortion. They are also required to teach that relationships between same-sex couples are normal. So, is it being wrapped up in a rhetoric of equality and fairness? You bet. 

Underlying the program’s rhetoric is the unfounded allegations that opponents of such radical ideology are homophobic – just like what we saw in the debate around the plebiscite in Australia. Education Minister Marilú Martens posted on social media that “homosexuality is not taught, but homophobia can be learned.”

Just as we see in Australia, proponents of the curriculum are using the ploy that the curriculum is really centred on a different theme. Cecilia Ramírez, head of the General Directorate of Basic Education at Minedu, said the program was not about gender ideology, but simply equality and respect for persons.

Sounds familiar? It’s just like Safe Schools dressing up its gender theory as “anti-bullying.” Programs based on gender ideology infringe on the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit. Teaching children that gender is fluid and a matter of personal choice is harmful to the children.

The citizens of Peru were right in marching against this program, because like other programs it oversteps the mark. Parents have every right to determine what their children are taught when it comes to sexuality and gender – and no government has the right to force radical ideologies on children.

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