7 in 10 Voters Believe the People Should Decide on Marriage

2016-06-16_Ballot.jpgA new poll from the Centre for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University indicates that over 70 per cent of Australian voters want to have their say on marriage, with only 19 percent believing that decision should be left to politicians.

The Australian reports:

Seven out of 10 voters do not agree with Labor’s pledge to have parliament decide on the issue of same-sex marriage within 100 days of the election, and instead prefer the position set by former prime minister Tony Abbott.

It comes as fewer than 50 per cent of voters say they have trust in federal politics.

The study, to be released today at a Griffith University conference about the future of the federation, reveals only 44.8 per cent of people said they had a great deal or fair amount of trust in federal government, while 52.4 per cent said they had no trust or not very much trust.

The survey showed even more telling results about the Labor Party itself. 72.7 per cent of Labor supporters back a people’s vote on the issue of same-sex marriage, despite Labor leader Bill Shorten’s promise to push his partisan changes through Parliament within 100 days in office.

Why do so many Australians support a plebiscite? Because Shorten’s threats are unfair to the silent majority who oppose same-sex marriage, and Australians know it. When politicians make promises to enact contentious policies that are opposed by the people, the people cease to trust government leaders. Same-sex marriage is a prime example.

According to A.J. Brown of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy, these recent poll results also indicate that the people believe they should be the ones to decide broader moral issues on which politicians have no expertise and that the government should be more proactive about enacting specific policies to uphold public morality.

“People want to have a direct say on fundamental questions about the structure of our federation, but they are happy to leave details of its operation to parliament,” Professor Brown said. 

“These results reinforce voter demand for the parties to map out their vision on big issues, including federal reform, especially in light of the demise of the Abbott government’s federation reform process.”

Same-sex marriage is a fundamental issue for Australia that deserves to be decided by the people. We at Marriage Alliance will continue to fight to make your voice heard.

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