Mental health risks in the LGBTI community

A report commissioned by BeyondBlue and produced by the National LGBTI Health Alliance gives an insight into the mental health risks to people in the LGBTI community. After noting that there is an elevated risk of mental ill-health and suicidality among LGBTI people due to discrimination and exclusion (or fear of discrimination and exclusion), the report goes on to say:


Where LGBTI people are identified as such, service providers often focus on their sexual orientation, their trans identity or their intersex status rather than the mental health issue or suicidality with which they are presenting. For trans and intersex people this can be a focus on physical issues such as hormone treatment or surgery. Psychological issues may be brushed over or left out altogether.

This confirms that identifying people by their sexuality is not helpful, because it ignores other mental health risks.

Given that fear of discrimination is a contributor to an elevated risk of mental ill-health and suicidality, those advocating for same-sex marriage need to take responsibility for their public statements. Too often, it is same-sex marriage advocates which tell people in the LGBTI community that they are hated and rejected by those who disagree with redefining marriage. In doing so, they are contributing to the mental health risks to the people for whom they claim to advocate.


Read the article here.

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