A Victory for Children in NSW and Tasmania as Safe Schools is Scrapped!

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-NSW-Safe-School.jpgBy: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson -

Did you hear the news?

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes confirmed that the Safe Schools program will be scrapped in New South Wales, and Tasmanian Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the government did not intend to fund the Safe Schools program, preferring instead to invest its own anti-bullying initiatives!

This is a massive win for our campaign to protect children across Australia from radical ‘gender bending’ ideologies. The program is being replaced by an anti-bullying program not based on contested gender theories.

Earlier this year, Marriage Alliance letterboxed a million households across Australia to raise awareness of the alarming content of the so-called “Safe Schools” program.

Concerned citizens and parents like you have made this happen by speaking up about the troubling content of the misleading ‘Safe Schools’ program. 

Tens of thousands of parents signed petitions and contacted their local Members of Parliament to object to the Safe Schools program.

The removal of Safe Schools in New South Wales and Tasmania is a great achievement, and it shows what can be done when we unite to challenge the dangerous agenda of LGBT activists.

But the ‘Safe Schools’ program is still growing!

The Safe Schools program along with other misleading initiatives are still expanding across the rest of Australia. The Victorian and now Western Australian governments are committed to funding these programs with your tax dollars!

Will you help us fight Safe Schools across Australia?

Marriage Alliance is committed to protecting your children and grandchildren from radical gender ideology in schools.

New South Wales and Tasmania are encouraging victories, but our campaign needs to grow in order to impact other state governments.

Would you consider a gift today to help us fight to protect all Australian children from the dangerous LGBT agenda? Your gift of $30, $60, or $120 will be put to immediate use. 

Without your support, our ability to reach Australian parents, raise their awareness of these troubling initiatives, and empower them to speak up in defence of their right to have a say in the education of their kids will be limited.

But as we saw this week, your support translates into real shifts in education policy! 

We are a grassroots campaign led by many volunteers and a small dedicated staff. Marriage Alliance is funded but supporters like you. We can only make a difference with your support.

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