Act now: Safe Schools on the move

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Parents.jpgBy: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson –

As we continue to protect the definition of marriage, it is important that we remain vigilant and stay tuned into what is happening right now across.

The threat to our children regarding gender and identity remains. In South Australia, the insidious Safe Schools program will be “refreshed,” renamed and repackaged by the state government, akin to the Victoria Government bringing things in-house.


Unbelievably, the group originally responsible for rolling out the Safe Schools program in South Australia, SHine SA, has been tasked with developing the new program.

Parents should be alarmed at further contracts being given to SHine SA. They have shocking form in this area, running programs from La Trobe over many years with similar level of explicitness and obfuscation to Safe Schools.

It seems odd that a program in need of a radical overhaul should be given back to a group so intimately linked to the group responsible for its creation.

And there are conflicting reports about what to expect. The Advertiser reported that the original Safe Schools lessons would not be part of the revised program, while The Australian quoted Education Minister Dr Susan Close as saying the program might not need to be rewritten, because existing resources may be used.

If the South Australian government doesn’t even know what is going on, what hope do parents have in being certain about what their kids are being taught?

Make no mistake: this will simply be another version of the Safe Schools program, no matter what they call it. Even education minister Susan Close admits this “new” program will essentially be Safe Schools in sheep’s clothing.

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Parents-Consent.jpgFortunately, schools will be able to opt in to the new program, and principals must seek the approval of parents. The parental consent provisions are welcome, but not good enough. To protect our children, we must still push for a comprehensive, genuine anti-bullying program — not simply a rehash of a program that should never have been allowed into our classrooms in the first place!

This does make one wonder: if supporters of gender ideology deem this program necessary, why is it imperative that they change it? By admitting the program needs an overhaul, the SA Government has admitted that the curriculum (especially the Safe Schools name) is toxic. But it also means they are hearing your concerns.

We must keep speaking up, remain vigilant and not allow the opposition to move forward with a new program that could be more dangerous than the original.

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I appreciate your ongoing support of Marriage Alliance. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that every Australian knows how the push to redefine marriage will affect their family. The fight is not easy, but it is one that you and I — and millions like us — believe is worth fighting.

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