Amazon’s New Podcast: Another Corporate Push for SSM

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Amazon-SSM-Podcast.jpgThere is something about the same-sex marriage agenda that makes big businesses think it is their job to force the agenda on all individuals. And now, the latest giant to hold the baton of social justice: Amazon. 

The media giant’s audiobook division Audible has launched a podcast based on the issue of “marriage equality”. Just another corporation using its commercial clout to support progressive political causes. 

Audible rolled out Osher Günsberg, formerly known as Andrew G, who is the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Australia. Günsberg gushed to be a part of the project:

“I'm very lucky I get to go to work and help people fall in love, it's a really nice thing to do,”

“I'm very privileged and honoured to do it, and I see the benefits that falling in love and being in love have given in my own life. I want everybody to have that.”

Günsberg shared with HuffPost his emotional-laden argument for same-sex marriage:

“The idea of one human being in our country having the right to tell another human being in our country who they can and cannot love is preposterous to me.”

“You look at other places where same-sex marriage has an equal opportunity under the law, guess what? The earth didn’t open and swallow them up, no one got struck by lightning, fire and brimstone didn’t fall from the sky, all that happened is there’s more love in the country. And right now Australia needs as much love as they can get.”

It should be expected that the host of reality shows that trivialise marriage to the point of meaninglessness would display some short-sightedness about the institution. However, short-sightedness and reliance on emotion are rapidly becoming recognised as hallmarks of any promotion of same-sex marriage.

Perhaps if Mr Günsberg looked away from reality television for five minutes to instead consider the reality of the consequences of the legalisation of same-sex marriages in other countries, he would discover that charities which support marriage are being punished, there is a push for LGBTI education to be included from preschool, more children than ever before are seeking treatment for gender dysphoria, service providers continue to be targeted for demise, and students are being kicked out of university for daring to express a belief on marriage.

Comedian Rhys Nicholson, who was involved in a promotional video for the project, openly admitted that comedy – not facts – was a better medium to convince people of the need for same-sex marriage:

“It [humour] cuts through,” he said. “You can speak to a broader audience with comedy. People are more likely to click on a funny video than seven minutes of statistics being rammed down their throat. Comedy is able to get through – for lack of a better term – all of the bullsh[*]t.”

Apparently, facts and figures which do not support the same-sex marriage agenda are “bull***t”. Emotions are all that matters to the makers of this podcast, and unfortunately for many supporters of same-sex marriage, this is also the case.

At Marriage Alliance, we fight for an open debate about same-sex marriage. However, celebrities and corporates such as these are fighting for the debate to be shut down.

The head of Audible for Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Gain, said:

“People use our platform every day to hear and share a range of perspectives, across a multitude of topics. The powerful, personal stories of love that are imparted within the Marriage Equality discussion need to be heard, so it felt natural for us to amplify them.”

We believe that the stories of those who have lost jobs, businesses, and court cases because they dared to speak up for marriage also need to be heard and amplified. That’s why we continue to share your stories – to enable the voices of the silent majority to be heard as well.

It is evident that the same-sex marriage lobby will continue to co-opt corporations to its cause:

“We can only vote once every few years at the election booth,” he said, “but we can vote every day with our wallets.” By choosing to support companies like Audible, Günsberg referred to a “powerful transferal of energy” which results in fundamental policy changes. “If we believe in a company we can make them into an incredibly powerful thing,” he said.

The use of global, corporate pressure for legal change in Australia has been intensifying as same-sex marriage has gained ground in other countries. Keep standing up, and make your voice heard – we cannot allow this to continue.

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