An Open Letter from Marriage Alliance

Board of Directors
All corporate supporters of marriage redefinition

Dear Directors,

I write on behalf of the supporters of Marriage Alliance and others who, irrespective of their beliefs about redefining marriage, respect freedom of speech and free association and wish to see these rights upheld in Australia.

We are alarmed by the news that Mark Allaby has been pressured to stand down from the board of another faith-based institution because of the perception that such board positions are not compatible with employment with companies which have publicly expressed support for changing the definition of marriage.

Mr Allaby is not the only person to suffer in this way. 

Marriage Alliance has heard from numerous employees of other corporations who feel workplace coercion to participate in activities or donate to causes contrary to their beliefs about marriage.  Many of them are afraid to raise their objections because they fear it will affect their employment.

Others have expressed concern that, like Mr Allaby, their private activities and affiliations will come under the scrutiny and control of their employer.

It is concerning that so many companies which claim to be ‘pro-diversity’ are in fact unwilling to tolerate a diversity of beliefs.

Contrary to what is expressed by some activists, we do not consider that your company’s expressed commitment to diversity is undermined by allowing all employees, including senior executives, the ability to hold, express and act on their beliefs in relation to marriage.

Thank you in anticipation of your commitment to the freedom of your employees.

Yours sincerely,

Damian Wyld
Marriage Alliance

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We ask for a commitment from the board of directors that your company will not:

  • FORCE AN EMPLOYEE OR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEE TO EXPRESS A VIEW, participate in an activity or donate to a cause which conflicts with a sincerely held belief about marriage;
  • ALLOW AN EMPLOYEE OR POTENTIAL EMPLOYEE'S CAREER OPPORTUNITIES TO BE RESTRICTED because of an expressed or perceived belief about marriage;
  • REQUIRE AN EMPLOYEE TO GIVE UP an affiliation with any organisation which expresses a belief about the meaning of marriage as a condition of their ongoing employment; or otherwise allow an employee to be punished for their actual or perceived beliefs about marriage. 
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