Another Study Finds Same-Sex Marriage Harms Children


Peter Sullin’s long-term study of the children raised by same-sex parents continues to make waves, as it reveals that children raised in same-sex marriage households are statistically more prone to mental and physical diseases in their adulthood. 

The Federalist reports that this study’s results should serve as a wake-up call to those who think same-sex marriage does not harm children: 

Given these findings, Sullins concluded that “[m]ore research and policy attention to potentially problematic conditions for children with same-sex parents appears warranted.” This study is significant, Sullins writes, because other studies that have “reported ‘no differences’ in well-being” most often use “psychometric measures of depression or anxiety,” which has led to “a lapse in policy attention to the potential needs of such children.” Sullins’ research challenges the “benign findings” of these other studies.

Continuing to raise children in a same-sex parent household amounts to child abuse, no matter how well-intentioned the parents may be, as Sullins’ study concludes:

The emergence of higher depression risk in early adulthood, coupled with a more frequent history of abuse victimization, parental distance, and obesity, suggests that the inattention of research and policy to the problems of children with same-sex parents is unwarranted.

As initial results, the present findings should be interpreted with caution and balance, based on the limited evidence presented, and (it is hoped) neither exaggerated nor dismissed out of hand on preconceived ideological grounds. However, well-intentioned concern for revealing negative information about a stigmatized minority does not justify leaving children without support in an environment that may be problematic or dangerous for their dignity and security.

Despite the fact that children obviously suffer from having same-sex parents, those in favour of “normalising” same-sex behaviour hide these facts from the public. The needs of children are swept aside in favour of adults’ selfish happiness.

Suddenly, we decide a child actually doesn’t need his father and mother in his life. All that matters in same-sex parenting is the desires and needs of the adults. They determine what the family looks like. They determine the child’s identity. They determine what the child needs and doesn’t need. It’s all about the adult without a thought to the real needs of the child.

State fabricated marriage laws can never replace the bond of love that exists among a child and their true father and mother. Children raised without a father or a mother will grow up in longing, unable to access their true family.

This is why it is so disturbing to hear same-sex couples talk flippantly and even proudly of raising children without knowledge of at least one real, biological parent—as if that parent bears no importance in that child’s life. But nothing can be further from the truth.

Children need their mothers—their real mothers. Children need their fathers—their real fathers. In the context of familial bonds, a child develops into a healthy, independent, and free-thinking adult who has self-knowledge rooted in nature, not contrived social constructs.

Redefining marriage has consequences, and it is our children who suffer the most from those consequences.

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