How will Australia change now that same-sex marriage is legalised?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Same-Sex-Marriage-Changes.jpgDuring the postal survey, ‘yes’ campaigners promised that there would be no consequences for ordinary Australians as a result of redefining marriage. But now that same-sex marriage is legal, LGBT activists are threatening a “mandate” to further their agenda, specifically in three main areas: education, parenting, and freedom of religion.

Once again, Australians will have to worry about what their children are learning in their sex education classes, as it seems likely that Safe Schools or a similar program will present itself in the near future. Columnist Melissa Kang wrote in a piece for SBS:

The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever. LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education should embrace diversity in the classroom, the staff-room and in the whole-of-school policies.  

Parenting is another institution under fire from the LGBT agenda. Having already changed the official applications for marriage, Australia could now see changes to official birth certificates. Professor Paula Gerber is calling for up to four parents to able to be listed:

Australian law has not yet caught up with the reality of modern families. Children in LGBTI families may have more than two parents: a lesbian couple may have a child with the assistance of a gay couple, for instance, and all four parents may be actively involved in raising the child. 

In contrast to Canada, which allows birth certificates to record up to four parents, Australia allows only two parents to be recorded. This means that this pivotal identity document may not accurately reflect a childs family structure.

Commercial surrogacy also seems imminent, as many same-sex couples will likely demand the right to have biologically related children.

Freedom of religion is also at stake. In a video released by Monash University, Professor Gerber calls for the winding back of religious freedoms in Australia, removing the right of faith-based schools and other institutions to hire staff in accordance with their ethos.

The threat to freedom of speech and freedom of belief will be compounded If Labor is elected. Bill Shorten has promised to appoint a full-time LGBTI Discrimination Commissioner to the Australian Human Rights Commission. The Commissioner’s job would exist to target schools, communities, workplaces and individuals who do not conform to the new LGBT agenda, a move which would undoubtedly place limitations on freedoms, particularly if such restrictions are pushed by academics such as Gerber.

LGBT activists couch their arguments in the language of freedom and equality for all Australians. However, they only want these rights to apply to themselves. Until they have infiltrated the education system, changed the definition of parenthood, and forced religious institutions and corporations to acts against their sincerely held beliefs, they refuse to settle. With this in mind, we must continue to fight to protect ourselves, our children and our freedom.

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