Australian Bishops Warn Against Political Decisions Undermining Marriage in 2016 Election

2016-05-20_Catholic_Bishops_2.jpgThe Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC), which rarely comments on federal politics, is now publicly and strongly speaking up about Election 2016 and what Australians should consider when it comes time to cast their vote.

In a statement titled A Vote for the Voiceless, which is set to be published on Monday and distributed to priests, dioceses, and workplaces around the country, the bishops do not mince words when it comes to marriage. The remarks are significantly stronger than the ACBC’s 2013 statements and focus primarily on the redefinition of marriage and subsequent damage that it would cause to children and families.

The bishops write:

At the heart of a healthy social environment there is marriage and the family. Yet political decisions can end up undermining marriage and providing less and less support for families despite a rhetoric that claims otherwise. The fact is that economic decisions have been less and less favourable to families in recent years; and it may be that political decisions in the future will undermine further the dignity and uniqueness of marriage as a lifelong union of man and woman. Support for marriage and the family does not look a big vote-winner, so that even the most basic human institution, upon which the health of a society depends, can become part of the throwaway culture or at best an optional extra.

Read the bishops’ full statement here.

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