Australian Chinese Community Launches Pro-Marriage Group

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Chinese-Australian-Community.jpgIt is always heartening to see displays of community support for traditional marriage. It is a testimony to the fact that the people of Australia care deeply about the issue of same-sex marriage, and deserve to have a say in the matter.

Recently, members of the Australian Chinese community formed their own pro-marriage group, launching a non-profit association on the back of a successful petition against Safe Schools last year. The Australian Chinese for Families Association was launched this week by a Sydney doctor, Dr Pansy Lai.

A GP who specialises in paediatrics, Dr Lai was responsible for a petition last year that amassed 17,500 signatures from members of the Australian Chinese community in favour of scrapping the Safe Schools program. She shared her reflections and revelations on the successful petition with The Australian:

“I didn’t ­realise until I did the petition just how many people there are out there who are really concerned about Safe Schools,” she said.

“After we lodged the NSW petition, parents from other states got into contact with us, wanting to know what they can do to tell the government they don’t want their children being taught this inappropriate program.

“These are normal, everyday Australian Chinese parents and grandparents. There are no politicians among us.”

Dr Lai expressed concern about the introduction of radical ideology in the classroom, which has clearly resonated with other parents:

“It’s really important to take into account that these children are still underage,” she said.

“This would be fine in a university program, but school­children should be a politics-free zone,” she said.

“The other thing that is important is parental consent. If children are going to be taught something that goes against their parents’ values, parents need to be informed and given a choice.”

Far too often, parents are left out of the equation. The state – and education system – have been gradually encroaching on the rights of parents in the area of sex education and gender theory. This encroachment will only increase if marriage is redefined in Australia. In Canada, a Safe Schools-style program which began as optional became compulsory – even in faith-based schools – after same-sex marriage was legalised.

Dr Lai said she thinks the ACF is representative of the broader Australian Chinese community, which is predominantly pro-family and opposes redefining marriage:

“We’ve got people from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Southeast Asia,” she said. “We definitely represent a large Chinese ­community, not only in NSW but nationwide.”

“ACF is going to be a voice for many concerned Chinese Australians, and a platform for us to share resources and petitions for our community.”

This strong show of support–and others like it–were certainly contributing factors in the demise of Safe Schools in NSW and Tasmania. Alongside Marriage Alliance’s own letterboxing campaign and other initiatives, such measures sent a strong message to our politicians: the silent majority is on the side of the family and traditional marriage. 

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