Australian Defence Force staff to be identified by stance on LGBT issues

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has announced plans to identify all pro-LGBT staff as ‘allies’ in private official documents and public staff directories. The Daily Mail reports that this strategy was proposed so that, ‘those who identify as LGBTI know they can turn to support if issues arise.’

Although it may look like a decent idea on the surface, many Australians, especially those working directly within the ADF, have detected a sinister undercurrent.

In fact, many say it is reminiscent of the Airbnb “Until We Belong” campaign which they ran in April of 2017. Partnering with influential corporations such as Qantas, ANZ, Google and eBay, the company ordered approximately 250,000 “acceptance” rings to be distributed among employees. Employees of these express concern that they would be identified and targeted for not wearing the ring.  Providing an employee the “option” of wearing a ring to signify their support for the redefinition of marriage was just another way to identify the dissenters.  Australians will remember how the targeting of ‘no’ voters became real when Canberra teen Madeline lost her job for changing her Facebook profile image to feature an ‘It’s OK to Say ‘No’’ banner.

However, in this present case, the issue is much greater. In designating those who are ‘allies’ of the rainbow flag, it implies that those who do not so identify are enemies. Ultimately, it will damage the unity with which a military should operate, as political and ideological issues become the centrifuge of contention.

Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans Association NSW President Bruce Relph told the publication the idea was crazy because sexuality did not belong in the military. 

'This is nuts,' he said.

'I respect people in the military because they are good soldiers not because they have a rainbow next to their name.' 

Despite the new plan aiming to build a support network for the LGBTI community, former Army officer and Australian Conservatives member Bernie Gaynor said the military was facing a 'rainbow jihad' which would affect careers.

Though the government claims that this agenda is for humanitarian purposes, we know that – like Airbnb’s “acceptance” rings – it is just another means of targeting those who do not embrace the LGBT agenda. Although military personnel have been assured that the Australian Defence Force is not “putting strict rules into place”, it is clear that those who do not have the rainbow markings on their files will eventually come under fire for their lack of patriotism to the LGBT ideology.

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