Can’t deny the facts: Australians WANT a plebiscite on marriage

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Plebiscite.jpgSilencing free speech and open debate doesn’t sit well with informed citizens. Imagine that.

In their arguments to support redefining marriage, the same-sex marriage lobby has insisted that “Australians are all behind redefining marriage”; thus, having a free vote in Parliament to decide the fate of marriage for all Australians is totally fine

Then Newspoll delivered a earth-shattering reality check: more Australians now support a popular vote on same-sex marriage than holding a free vote in parliament.

Considering that 10 months ago, when Opposition Leader Bill Shorten MP and others vowed to block the plebiscite in the Senate, the majority of polls reported that the people didn’t support a people’s vote, the polls results were undoubtedly a shock to many ardent same-sex marriage supporters.

A new push within Coalition ranks to hold a free vote in parliament on same-sex marriage by the end of the year has been dealt a blow by a special Newspoll showing Australian voters have swung in behind a national plebiscite.

More Australians now support a popular vote on same-sex marriage than holding a free vote in parliament in a surprise reversal of the views expressed just 10 months ago when Bill Shorten and others vowed to block the plebiscite in the Senate. The Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, reveals that 46 per cent of voters prefer a plebiscite while 39 per cent want politicians to decide the outcome, with 15 per cent undecided.

The results show a fall in support for a parliamentary vote since the height of the debate last September, when 48 per cent of voters wanted politicians to decide and 39 per cent backed a plebiscite. 

Goes to show that the Australian people are becoming far more aware of the gravity of the issue of redefining same-sex marriage and learning more about the consequences for their personal freedoms which would result from a change in law.

Obviously, dissident politicians who blocked the plebiscite from taking place are going against the will of the people – hardly a smart move for elected officials. Politicians like Mr Shorten are blatantly dismissing the voice of the public:

“I think if it was a poll which asked Australians would you just like to see the marriage equality debate resolved I reckon there’d be big support for that,” he [Shorten] said. “Let’s just get on and do it. There’s been 20 changes to the marriage act since the marriage act was created. 

In a bizarre case of talking out of both sides of their mouths, politicians are waving aside such polls which say the majority of the Australian people want a people’s vote, while claiming their mandate to redefine marriage comes from the “majority” opinion of Australians. Ironically, these same politicians who claim that they want to “resolve the same-sex marriage issue as quickly as possible” are the same politicians who BLOCKED a people’s vote to decide the issue.

Challenged over the fact that same-sex marriage would likely now be law had the Labor Party not opposed the government’s plebiscite, Mr Thistlethwaite said he and his colleagues had consulted gay rights communities who were also opposed to the plebiscite. 

Clearly, those libs want to get same-sex marriage “resolved” as quickly as possible – so long as THEY are the ones who make the decision. Even same-sex marriage supporter Tim Wilson MP admits that politicians need to remember that they were elected to take care of a multitude of issues – not exclusively for pushing same-sex marriage: 

AN OPENLY gay politician might seem at odds in the Liberal Party, but Tim Wilson says there is more to him than his views on same-sex marriage. The Goldstein Federal MP and former Human Rights Commissioner wants to see changes to taxes and health, including increasing the GST.


He said his major focus was on improving Australia’s health system and arguing for a flat 20 per cent personal and company tax and GST. “We have to dramatically change and re-base our tax system so that we’re competitive in the international market place,” Mr Wilson said. “It’s about shifting the tax base and arguing we should essentially have a consistent rate of company, income and consumption tax and I nominated 20 per cent (for all three)… “I’m not afraid of talking about (same-sex marriage) it’s just I think people might get the misunderstanding that’s all I’m interested in,” he said.”

Politicians who claim that ‘same-sex marriage is a done deal’ and that they should ‘resolve the matter as quickly as possible’ are outright dismissing the will of the people, and the facts. Australian citizens want a plebiscite on marriage.

More than ever, it is up to the Australian people to remind elected MPs and Senators of their promise to hold a plebiscite – and to demand that they keep their promise! Officials like Mr Shorten who believe that forcing same-sex marriage into law without giving the Australian people a say are kidding themselves if they believe they can ignore one set of polls and claim a mandate from another.

All Australian citizens, regardless of where they stand on the marriage issue, have a right to a voice, vote, and say on the matter. Don’t surrender your voice and right to the empty rhetoric of politicians: urge your Coalition MPs and Senators to stand by their promise for a plebiscite. In raising your voice, you show our politicians that the people will stand up for their rights. By remaining silent, we forfeit all.

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