Ben & Jerry’s Latest Flavour: Ideology

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Ben-Jerrys-Ice-Cream.jpgYet another ice cream company is trivialising the importance of the institution of marriage by wading into the marriage debate. Determined to force the same-sex marriage agenda down the throats of their customers and staff, Ben & Jerry’s has just released deceptively cheery-looking announcements, such as this, in all of their Aussie locations: 

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Ben-Jerrys-Ice-Cream-2.jpgYou didn’t read it wrong: Ben & Jerry’s is banning customers from being able to purchase 2 scoops of the same flavoured ice cream in support of same-sex marriage. Their bizarre campaign shows that they are more interested in serving the Koolaid of a politically correct agenda than ice cream. Of course, if their message was pro-marriage, the company would be overrun by LGBTI activists screaming ‘DISCRIMINATION!’, boycotts would have been organised, and the innocent staff would be the recipients of abusive phone calls and even threats.

A long-time advocate of the LGBTI agenda, Ben & Jerry’s has been involved in same-sex marriage advocacy around the globe. Instead of facing persecution, the corporation has been held up as a hero, and been encouraged and enabled to continue their global campaign of same-sex marriage activism.

Notably, the company has form when it comes to pushing for social change far beyond the redefinition of marriage.

In the United States, the corporation temporarily renamed their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream ‘I Dough, I Dough’ in celebration of the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2016. However, Ben & Jerry’s did not seem satisfied. Shortly afterwards, they posted an article entitled ‘11 Proposed Laws that the LGBTQ Community Needs ASAP’. In it they stated:

…a lot of work remains to be done to ensure full LGBT equality. To cite just one example, a federal judge in Texas recently blocked President Obama’s executive order on transgender bathrooms. No progress comes without a struggle.  

Our partners at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have put together a comprehensive list of legislation that, if passed, would make life better for LGBTQ Americans—and therefore, for all Americans who value fairness and justice.

Among the 11 proposed laws in the lists were some policies which should raise red flags for anyone concerned about personal freedoms and the education of their children:

Ben & Jerry’s advocate for a Safe Schools Improvement Act which would introduce a specific LGBTQ anti-bullying program (sound familiar?) as well as a Student Non-Discrimination Act, which would prevent any schools from “discriminating” against students on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity (read: children can choose the bathrooms, sporting teams and school camp facilities which match their chosen gender).

It seems the company is more invested in introducing children to “31 different genders” than “31 different flavours”, which is deeply upsetting.

Ben & Jerry’s also want a Customer Non-Discrimination Act enacted, which would force bakers, florists, and other wedding service providers to use their artistic talents to serve same-sex weddings, even against their conscientious beliefs, which is ironic, given that Ben & Jerry’s have just begun its own campaign based on the restriction of service.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the same-sex marriage campaign was never just about ‘marriage equality’. In countries such as the United States, where they have obtained this goal, they continue to demand more laws and more ‘acts against discrimination,’ which are really about forcing all opposing groups into submission.

Same-sex marriage advocates blatantly lied when they insisted that legalising same-sex marriage would only affect same-sex couples. Now, those who uphold ‘marriage equality’ seem to believe that they have superior rights in political, economic and social spectrums – and they are working to have this superiority and power legalised.

Ben & Jerry’s international campaign demonstrates the totalitarian regime the same-sex marriage lobby is really advocating. Ben & Jerry’s can continue to dish out their politically flavoured ice cream, but in doing so, they send a clear warning: the last thing Australia needs is the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Ben & Jerry’s warns us of the consequences we will face if same-sex marriage is legalised. A major ‘dough’ by Ben & Jerry’s.

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