Bill Shorten now backs a plebiscite?

By Sophie York:

Did you hear the news over the weekend that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has now expressed his support for a plebiscite?

The concerns Mr Shorten previously expressed about a people’s vote being divisive, expensive and non-binding appear to have disappeared. At an event in Melbourne he said that, if elected, a Labor government would put forward a “simple, a straightforward ‘yes or no’ question to the Australian people.”

Except that Mr Shorten wasn’t talking about letting you have a say on marriage, but about Australia becoming a republic!

His comments beg the question: if Labor will accept a people’s vote on a republic, why not on marriage?

Mr Shorten even acknowledged that the Australian people aren’t asking for a public vote on the republic issue, saying that the government did not need to wait for a “public groundswell” before acting. Meanwhile, he continues to ignore polling that confirms a majority of Australians want same-sex marriage decided by a national vote, rather than by politicians.

Unfortunately, Mr Shorten and the Labor Party aren’t the only ones willing to bypass the voice of the people.

In the news yesterday, several Liberal MPs indicated that they would push for a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage. Thankfully, some sense was spoken by Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly MP, who warned that the Government would suffer if its election promise of a plebiscite was broken.

With Parliament set to resume next week, we need to ensure our MPs continue to hear our voices!

If you haven’t already done so, please click here to send an email to every Coalition MP and Senator in your state. It only takes two minutes! 


In the past few weeks, well over 100,000 emails have been sent to Coalition MPs and Senators using our action website, and we have been contacted by MPs commenting on the huge response from the public.

Thank you to those who have already emailed their MPs. We know that your actions are having a big impact.

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We are so grateful for your continued partnership with us!


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