British Civil Servants Told Not to Use “Gendered” Pronouns

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-British-Gender.jpgIn the latest Service Manual issued by the Cabinet Office, British civil servants have been told not to use “gendered” pronouns like “he” and “she” to avoid offending people whose chosen gender does not align with their birth gender.

The manual states:

You should address the user as you when possible and avoid gendered pronouns like he and she”...

You shouldn’t guess someones gender based on a title because:

  • some titles arent gendered (for example Dr, Rev, Major)
  • titles can be changed by deed poll to one thats different from a persons gender or sex

The Service Manual is a set of regulations the departments of the British government must follow when designing their websites. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom and the Department for Work and Pensions are just two of the departments that will be affected by the regulations.

Britain’s Office of National Statistics also recently recommended making it optional to designate your sex on the census to accommodate intersex and non-binary people. This has resulted in concerns that there will not be any way to accurately gauge the number of males and females in the country, especially if many people identifying as male and female decide not to list their gender.

MP Philip Davies said of the changes:

If the government has nothing better to worry about than this then that is a pretty sad state of affairs. Theres a huge majority of the public who are actually rather offended by this political correctness.

The world has gone mad and the government seem to be at the vanguard of making it mad.

We Australians can learn from Britain’s example of how legalising same sex marriage opens the door to redefining gender. We need to protect marriage, and in turn, protect the definition of gender from being corrupted. It’s ok to say no. 

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