Bullied by his own community: LGBTI activist speaks out

Marriage-Alliance-Shannon-Molloy-News-Corp.jpgYou can tell a lot about a group by the way they treat their own members. It is no secret that the LGBTI lobby is unforgiving and relentless when it comes to bullying and harassing those who stray from their ideological regime, even if they are members of their own community. 

We have seen this before, so it should come as no shock that the LGBTI lobby continues to employ their bullying tactics to drive home the message: if you don’t conform totally, you are an enemy.

One self-described gay News Corp journalist, who was recently harassed by the LGBTI community, spoke out with an op-ed detailing the way he was treated.

Shannon Molloy previously held a position at LGBTI activist group the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, but was viciously attacked by members of the LGBTI community because of his employer, News Corp.

Molloy took to the opinion pages this week to denounce the “rabid” LGBTI activists who pushed for his removal from the organisation, and attacked him on social media:

The old saying goes that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

When it comes to the push for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality, do you win over more opponents with civility or sledgehammers? What seems like an obvious answer to me is anything but, as I’ve witnessed first-hand in the past few weeks.

Whether it’s Margaret Court’s views, beer maker Cooper’s and the Bible Society hopping into bed or my very own social media-driven scandal, there are times when the current discourse is a bit too rabid for my liking.

I’m gay and up until recently I was an active member of the equality movement, sitting on the board of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby in NSW.

A few hardline members of my community took exception to this involvement and campaigned for my removal, all because I work here at News Corp, which has published pieces opposed to same-sex marriage, the Safe Schools campaign and other LGBT issues. They’re pieces I haven’t necessary liked or agreed with. They’re pieces I’ve even objected to.

But they’re opinions that columnists have the right to express and the company, at its editorial discretion, the right to publish. Just as I have the right to pen ­­op-eds on a range of LGBT issues, as I have — many of which have been published in this company’s outlets.

Molloy even predicts that the vitriol of same-sex marriage supporters could have the effect of pushing undecided voters to the opposing side of the debate.

Molloy is just one of many who have suffered in the workplace as a result of their disagreement with same-sex marriage supporters. As Molloy himself admitted, the community he so ardently defended betrayed him, and shocked him with their own intolerance: But according to some — those who initiated the push to unseat me from the GLRL, and those who’ve supported them in the aftermath — I’m a traitor to my own cause. I’m traitorous for going to work each day. I’m betraying my community by not setting fire to the place — by not quitting and taking my voice to a friendly, completely supportive audience. Because, as we all know, preaching to the choir is so very effective.

I’m still dumbfounded by the rigid black-and-white view of the world. Isn’t it beneficial to have someone writing about this stuff in newspapers and on websites that reach 85 per cent of the population?

The LGBTI lobby have shown their true colours time and again; Shannon Molloy became one of its many victims. Their “rabid” support of same-sex marriage – and attacking anyone who holds an opposing view – has cost many people their reputations. In Shannon Molloy’s case, it cost him his position at a lobby group. It has cost other people their jobs and livelihoods.

As the LGBTI lobby turns on its own, we need to be united in our stance for traditional marriage. Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. The more the LGBTI lobby tries to silence debate, the more we must make our voices heard. No matter how intense or vile their attacks, we most not relent. We are in the midst of a tough war, but it is a war worth fighting.

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