Bullying Won’t Be Stopped By Hypersexualised School Programs

2016-05-20_Sex_in_Schools.jpgMiranda Devine has a terrific piece out this week outlining the aggressive propaganda being pushed by several so-called “anti-bullying” and “anti-bigotry” programs in Australia and internationally.

“…programs [like Safe Schools and Building Respectful Relationships],” Devine writes, “are all designed to impose a minority view of sexual activists on children in an attempt to change social norms about sex and ‘gender’.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with Victoria’s Building Respectful Relationships program, it implements a radical curriculum that forces young girls to partake in the “role playing” of older, sexualised characters.

Children can choose to be “Megan”, who is 17, “has had 15 sexual partners and describes herself as bisexual. She rarely practices safe sex, because she is often drunk when she has sex”. Or “Grace”, who is 16, “has had four boyfriends and has been sexually active since she was 13”.

Or “Kelly”, who is 14, in Year 9 and “very interested in girls. She is not sure but thinks she might be a lesbian”.

What do role playing games like this possibly accomplish other than encouraging premature sexual activity?

Bullying is always a serious problem in schools but these sexualised programs will do nothing to stop it. In fact they may exacerbate it by elevating one class of potential victims above the rest, who are bullied for reasons that have nothing to do with sexuality or gender fluidity.

If you were serious about preventing bullying you would create a program that engenders empathy for all victims of bullying.

Marriage Alliance has been outspoken about the deceptive sexual agenda being pushed by many of these school programs, particularly Safe Schools, which operates under the guise of anti-bullying. Now is the time to join us in speaking out about the dangers of radical, confusing, and oversexualised curriculums in our schools, because Australian students deserve better.

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