Call for Gender-Neutral Terms at Girls’ School Arouses MPs’ Ire

iStock_16955045_XXXLARGE.jpgOutrage has erupted after a Sydney all-girls school proposed that faculty refer to students by gender-neutral pronouns. Though the proposal failed to gain traction, many parents are worried that schools will force gender ideology on their children in other ways.

The Australian reports on the difficult battle against the Safe Schools program:  

Nationals MP George Christensen, who has led efforts to change the Safe Schools program rolled out to more than 500 schools nationally, said he regretted “claiming victory in that fight too early”.

“I have concerns, and I will be going to Senator Birmingham ... I appreciate that we can’t control what state governments are doing, but where the program is being ­implemented in breach of federal changes, I believe we need to say we are no longer funding it,” he said. “No matter what the social justice warriors do, they’re never going to get rid of biological facts.”

The request for gender-neutral language at Cheltenham Girls’ High School in Sydney’s northwest came during a staff meeting last term to discuss the implementation of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

The school did not deny the topic was discussed, but said it “will not change the way students’ ­gender is referred to”.

Although gender ideology did not win out this time, parents continue to worry about their children’s education. Furthermore, school administrators have put a stigma on parents who oppose Safe Schools, in an attempt to bully these parents into silence:

Ian Bell said gender-neutral language was just the latest of many issues parents had tried to bring to the school’s attention.

“We are concerned about other programs like Safe Schools,” he said. “It might be unpopular to say that, but it’s not intolerance; I just think it’s reasonable.”

“It’s very difficult to ­approach them (the school’s administration),’’ he said. “It’s very hard to say anything. Parents would be labelled as complainers, and nutters and whingers.”

Gender ideology has been proven to harm children’s development in the long-term. The parents who stand up to schools’ administrations that impose it should be lauded, not maligned.

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