Call a transgender woman a biological man? It could land you in trouble

A primary school teacher in Perth is facing disciplinary charges after making a comment on an online article about a transgender woman.

The teacher, Melanie Kennedy, is employed at Pickering Brook Primary School. She recently commented on a PerthNow news story about a transgender prostitute, Clayton Palmer, who was sentenced to serve six years in a male prison after infecting a client with HIV:

At least they put him where he a male prison. That is what he is!!!

In what has become par for the course for rainbow activists, her comment was seized upon and users began to post to the Pickering Brook Primary School’s Facebook page complaining about Kennedy. Showing that their objection to so-called name-calling is only a veneer, they publicly accused her of “spreading uneducated bile” and called her a “mud flinging Neanderthal.”

The Department of Education was quick to demonstrate that they take such speech seriously, releasing a statement saying:

The matter relating to a primary school teacher had now been referred to the Standards and Integrity directorate for assessment.

The social media guidelines for the Department of Education state:

Your role with the department creates an association between what you say online and the department itself. It is therefore vital to ensure all material you publish on social media is respectful of all individuals.

It appears that suggesting that a biological male belongs in a male prison is enough to amount to “disrespect.”  Kennedy’s case will be a good one to watch; it will be an indication of how far down the politically-correct road we have already travelled, and a warning about the limits of free speech in Australia.

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