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Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Coalition-for-Marriage.jpgBy Sophie York, Spokeswoman for Marriage Alliance:

Over the last few months, Marriage Alliance supporters have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to politicians calling on them to let the Australian people have their say on marriage.

Your voice has been heard.

From 12 September, Australians will start to receive their ballot papers for the marriage plebiscite, and every Australian will be given the opportunity to vote on the way our nation defines marriage, family and gender.

As we have seen from overseas examples, the redefinition of marriage has not satisfied same-sex marriage activists. Rather, it has further motivated them by providing the legal justification for their campaigns to restrict freedom of speech, faith and thought – all in the name of tolerance.

Programs promoting gender-confusion in schools are a package deal with same-sex marriage, and would likely become mandatory Australia-wide if marriage is redefined.

This plebiscite is a referendum on “Safe Schools”, religious freedom and freedom of speech, and I am pleased to announce the launch of the organisation that will fight and win this campaign.

The Coalition for Marriage has been founded by Marriage Alliance with our partners at Australian Christian Lobby, the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. More than 70 other diverse partner organisations are also on board.

I ask that you lend your full support to the Coalition for Marriage by putting your hand up to volunteer in this important campaign.

Working together we can win this vote — but it will require commitment, dedication and hard work.

The “No” campaign is clearly the underdog in this fight — barely a week into the campaign there have already been calls to deny us airtime and advertising space.

It’s time for the silent majority of Australians to raise their voices in support of the true meaning of marriage.

Will you consider supporting the Coalition as a volunteer, through a financial contribution, or even both?

Please visit the Coalition’s webpage to offer your support. Click here:

Together, we can win this!

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