Our campaign is gaining real momentum!

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-No-Campaign-Momentum.jpgBy Sophie York: 

Were you among the countless Australians recently who, like myself, received an SMS from the “Yes” campaign?

While many people found it frustrating, I wasn’t exactly surprised at the “Yes” campaign finding another way to push their message

As a resident of Sydney, it is virtually impossible for me to avoid the messaging of the “Yes” campaign in my daily life. 

From the hundreds of giant rainbow banners and “Yes” banners displayed throughout the CBD, to the frequent TV and radio ads and the daily barrage of pro-SSM media, there’s no doubt the campaign to redefine marriage is being given more than a fair go.

But here’s the great news: it’s simply not working! 

The latest Newspoll shows a significant swing towards a “No” vote.

So, this begs the question: why has our campaign gained so much momentum, despite not having the millions of taxpayer dollars and mainstream media assistance our opponents enjoy?

Quite simply, Australians are waking up to the true impact on our society of such a radical social change.

Whether it’s the federal Labor Party’s promise to restart funding to the dangerous “Safe Schools” program in the future, or the threats to freedom of speech, faith and family posed by the redefinition of gender in theMarriage Act, many Australians are saying “enough is enough”.

Every day, thousands of mum and dad volunteers are knocking on doors to remind their friends and neighbours the importance of defending our society’s bedrock institution.

We need to continue our campaign until every Australian has had the opportunity to hear why it’s crucial to vote ‘No’, and we need your help to do this.

Will you give today to ensure we continue the momentum?

Your gift will help inform Australians about the harsh consequences of redefining marriage through TV, radio and social media advertising!

Your gift will help equip volunteers with training and resources to help more Australians understand why they should vote “No”!

Your gift will ensure we win this!

Millions of Australians are yet to vote – and there’s still so much work to do! Please support us today!

Click here to make a big difference to our campaign.

Thank you for your support.

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