Campus Group Under Attack for Supporting Marriage Between One Man, One Woman

MA_Images-_October_(4).jpgLove Saxa, a campus group at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. that supports a group that supports marriage between a man and a woman, has recently been under attack by LGBTI activists.

Students Jasmin Ouseph, GU Pride President Chad Gasman, and David Friedman, president of Georgetown University Queer People of Color, have presented a formal complaint against the organisation claiming that it holds hateful and intolerant beliefs, and violates the Division of Student Affairs’ Student Organization Standards. They are petitioning that the club’s funding be revoked and that they lose all rights to meet on campus.

This is not the first time that Love Saxa has come under attack; they have been at odds with LGBT students on campus since 2013, when then-president of the Georgetown University Pride group led protests against them. They just recently regained their rights as a student club after they lost their access to student benefits.

The group supports “monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman” as well as speaking out against hookup culture and pornography.

Like all other of the Catholic university’s 130 or so student groups, Love Saxa receives $250 per year in funding.

Love Saxa President Amelia Irvine stated that the group is committed to Georgetown University’s mission and Catholic teaching, and said,

We have never advocated for violence toward any individual or group, nor have we ever targeted any individual or group.

The future of the group was supposed to be determined Monday in a hearing before the Georgetown Student Activities Counsel, but the vote has been delayed. Irvine hopes that the university will continue to allow the free exchange of ideas and not shut down Love Saxa simply because there are other students who disagree with their viewpoint.

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