At Canada pride parade, only LGBTI community is allowed to have pride

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Canada-Only-LGBTI-Pride.jpgInclusive? Tolerant? Not at an LGBTI pride parade in Canada, where even wearing a uniform is enough to ‘trigger’ the LGBTI lobby’s ‘offence-o-meter’.

At a pride parade in Calgary, Canada this year, organisers insist that police officers cannot wear their uniforms. Expanding on this new rule, police officers were also prohibited from displaying "any forms of institutional representation, such as floats," as ruled Calgary Pride. The group said in a release:

"We acknowledge the historical oppression and institutionalized racism faced by queer/trans people of colour and Indigenous persons, and the potentially negative association with weapons, uniforms, and other symbols of law enforcement.”

Similar moves took place in Toronto and Vancouver earlier this year. As to why this ban was being enacted, Calgary Pride president Jason Kingsley told CBC News that people marching in the pride parade could be ‘triggered’ by police in uniform. 

"It's that symbol, that authoritative symbol, that weapon that can actually be triggering and traumatic for individuals who have faced oppression or faced issues," Kingsley said.

"So it's similar to things like PTSD, where sounds or sights can actually trigger these emotions or these responses, where they can relive these kind of traumatic episodes or situations that they've experienced in their lives."

Chief Roger Chaffin of the Calgary Police Service said:

"We are obviously disappointed with the decision that police will not be allowed to march in uniform, but we are not going to allow it to undo decades of progress between law enforcement and the LGBTQ community in Calgary." 

Quite the nice reward from the LGBTI lobby for those who support their cause, right? Not all members though approve of such blatant discrimination. Jim Heaton, a gay man who has participated in many of Calgary’s pride parades, said he would not attend until the rule was removed.

"This is just a step back. What they've basically done is say, 'You're free to be anybody you want, as long as you're not a police officer,'" Heaton said.

"This is no longer an inclusive pride parade. The Calgary Police Service has done a lot over the years to be inclusive in many ways," he added, noting CPS now has an LGBT liaison officer.

"I know I, for one, won't be attending anything that's associated with Calgary Pride at all, ever again, until this is changed. And I know a number of people who are the same way."

It is disturbing that even police officers are unable to wear their working uniform at a public event because someone might view them as ‘offensive or discomforting’.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada for more than a decade. This hasn’t stopped activists from using the same bullying tactics against dissenters – or even perceived dissenters – that we are seeing played out in Australia today.

Does anyone really think that the bullying stops once same-sex marriage activists get their way? One only needs to look at Canada to know this is not the case.

Australians must realise that if marriage is redefined, free speech, individual rights, and simple societal norms are also redefined. They are redefined into mechanisms of control. And who is in charge? None other than the intolerant, discriminatory LGBTI lobby.

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