Change in Passports: Political Correctness Over National Security?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Passports-Political-Correctness-Over-National-Security.jpgThe politically-correct demands of the LGBT lobby have ranged from sheer lunacy to downright tyranny. Now, the claws of the transgender lobby are trying to tear down protocols for national security – all to appease the preferences of transgender agenda.

Stonewall, an LGBT rights group, is calling for UK passports to have a “gender x” option for those who choose not to identify as either male or female. As reported by the BBC:

UK passports should allow people to define themselves as "X" instead of male or female, campaigners say. Stonewall, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group, said it would benefit people who face difficulties at passport control.

The government said it was reviewing the way gender was marked in official documents, including passports.

Since 2011, Australian passport-holders have been able to choose X if their gender is indeterminate. Stonewall's proposal comes days after HSBC let its customers choose non-gender specific titles such as Mx, M and Misc for their bank accounts.

What Stonewall blatantly fails to address however is how this change would strip passports of their value. A key way to identify someone is by their passport – allowing for ambiguity on a passport takes away a passport’s prestige for clarifying an individual’s identity. 

What is more, taking away the passport’s current gender definition creates a major hole in a country’s national security. Not only would it make it easier to use a stolen passport, it would allow people to enter a country under whatever gender they choose – making it easy to fake an identity.

In a global climate where poor airport security places people at risk, Stonewall’s passport demands demonstrate a desire to prioritise the desires of a minority over the safety of the  whole. This could have particularly dangerous implications if the UK government goes through with plans to streamline the process for changing gender, or if it accepts Stonewall’s push for people to be able to ‘self-declare’ their identity:

The [UK] Government has committed to making it easier for transsexual people to legally change sex, as part of a review of the Gender Recognition Act.

A spokesman said that Ministers want to ‘streamline and de-medicalise’ the process for “changing a person’s legal gender”. He was responding to several demands by homosexual lobby group Stonewall to make sure trans people are “accepted without exception”.

Currently, a transsexual person can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate to change the sex on their birth certificate. They need to live in their assumed gender for two years and be diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Tara Stone, a representative of Stonewall, told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that trans people should be able to ‘self-declare’ their gender.

If Stonewall’s demands for “self-declaration” extend to the issuing of passports, it will undermine the otherwise rigorous airport security currently in place not only in the United Kingdom, but in all other countries – including Australia – where UK passport holders choose to travel.

Regardless of gender, religion, or any other demographic, a country’s safety should not be jeopardised to appease the politically correct demands of the day. Stonewall’s demands for the passport regulations to change to make people feel “less uncomfortable” are a direct dismissal for the safety of all other citizens. Clearly, the LGBT lobby only cares about their own desires.


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