Christine Forster on radical sex and gender education: kids are never too young for these programs

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13th October 2017

Comments made by Christine Forster, a senior activist in the same-sex marriage campaign, confirm the gay lobby’s targeted pursuit of kids’ education, the Coalition for Marriage said today.

“Just last year, Ms Forster proactively advocated for the Safe Schools program saying it was ‘effective’ and doing ‘good work’,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Lyle Shelton. “But since starting to play a prominent role in the ‘yes’ campaign for the postal survey, Ms Forster is now looking to distance herself from the program.”

Ms Forster, a mother of four who has served on various school parent committees, said she personally didn’t think ‘children can be too young to be taught that we aren’t all the same’.

But since the survey began, and the controversial LGBTIQ sex and gender indoctrination program has come under increased scrutiny for its narrow focus on sexual diversity and gender fluidity, Ms Forster has stopped her Safe Schools advocacy, lest Australian mums and dads see a link between that and her advocacy of same-sex marriage.

In an op-ed in The Daily Telegraph on 14 September, Ms Forster was adamant to cover any links between her push for same-sex marriage and radical gender and sex education in schools, instead labelling any link between the two as spurious.

“We know that the push for same-sex marriage is also about gender fluidity. We have seen in so many countries overseas that radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education hits schools after same-sex marriage is legalised,” said Mr Shelton.

“The ‘yes’ campaign know this but they also know that Safe Schools and other radical LGBTIQ sex and gender programs are very much loathed by Aussie parents. Instead of coming clean that the two are a package deal, ‘yes’ advocates are furiously trying to divert the attention of Australians away from their intent.

“But Australians aren’t fooled that easily. They know that same-sex marriage is also a push for gender fluidity, the undermining of fundamental freedoms of religion and speech while radically changing sex education in schools,” said Mr Shelton.

“We are encouraging everyone to have a conversation with their families, friends and neighbours – it’s ok to say no,” he concluded.


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