Citizens in Taiwan Take to the Streets in Defence of Marriage

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Taiwan-Take-Streets-Defence.jpgAn estimated 170,000 people rallied in Taiwan recently to show their support for marriage between a man and a woman. Activists have capitalised on a Facebook video from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen calling for the definition of marriage to be changed to further their cause.

But Taiwanese people do not believe that politicians should be able to change the definition of marriage without hearing from their citizens, and so they came out in strong numbers to ensure their voice was heard. 

Earlier this month, tens of thousands of citizens protested legalising same-sex marriage in Taiwan. Notably, many participants in the rally also decried pushing sexual agendas in schools without parental consent, similar to the radical Safe Schools program, further demonstrating that the link between same-sex marriage and changes to sex-education in schools:

Opponents of same-sex marriage yesterday rallied tens of thousands of people along Ketagalan Boulevard, in a massive protest against proposed Civil Code amendments.

Coalition for the Happiness of Our Next Generation, which organized the protest, said 80,000 people attended the demonstration, whose white-shirted crowd spilled out of Ketagalan Boulevard to encircle Jingfu Gate (景福門). Organizers said that companion rallies in Taichung and Kaohsiung attracted an additional 90,000 participants.

Participants waved pieces of paper calling for a referendum on same-sex marriage and parental control over children’s education, after being forbidden from bringing their own banners by event organizers.

A skit called for what it called a pro-homosexual curriculum to be “driven out” of schools, with members of the crowd also throwing around two large black balls while calling for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Yu Mei-nu (尤美女) to “roll out” (滾出去) of Taiwan — a pun on the Mandarin expression for “scram.”

As in Australia, thousands of Taiwanese citizens recognise the detrimental consequences that accompany legalising same-sex marriage, and conversely, the positive effects of traditional marriage in their society:

“We oppose homosexual marriage being amended into the Civil Code because the family system comprised of marriage between one man and one woman is the foundation of society, and if you damage it, that will lead to marriage, family and the structure of society being completely wiped out,” alliance spokesman Chu Wu-hsien (朱武憲) said.

“Every person has a right to love, but there is also a proper order to love: We do not use the same manner to love animals as people, and love for a husband and wife is different from how you love friends,” Chinese Regional Bishops’ Conference secretary-general Otried Chan (陳科) said.

Interestingly, supporters of marriage between a man and a woman also noted that they were being outspent by activists:

“Everyone has to do their part on this issue, and we hope people will recognize our efforts even though we do not have nearly as much money as the opposition,” [Liu Yu (劉宇)] said, referring to numerous front-page newspaper advertisements and prime-time TV slots purchased in recent weeks by same-sex marriage opponents.

The Taiwanese people have made their views and voices heard loud and clear – and Australian citizens are doing the same. Politicians must take note: concerned citizens are refusing to be silent. We refuse to accept a radical redefinition of marriage – and will never surrender.

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