Colombians Unite to Protest Gender Ideology in Schools

colombians-protest-sexual-agenda-MA.jpgOn 10 August, thousands of Colombians joined together nationwide to protest the Minister of Education’s hard push to implement and require homosexual and transgender ideology programs to be taught in all Columbian schools. LifeSite News covered the event:  

“No to gender ideology! Mr. President, Ms. Minister, listen to us!” speakers told a crowd of thousands gathered in the city of Bucaramanga. “Long live the rights of children! Long live the family. United, it will never be defeated!”

Protesters called for the resignation of Education Minister Gina Parody, who is requiring all the schools of the country, public and private, to revise their student manuals to protect students from “discrimination” over their sexual orientation or internal “gender identity.”

Parody, a homosexual who has admitted publicly to be in a sexual relationship with Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Cecilia Álvarez-Correa, is seeking to carry out a 2015 decision of the nation’s Constitutional Court in favor of LGBT student “rights.”

In the past two weeks, the Constitutional Court has ruled twice that “transgender” students in two different schools must be allowed to wear clothing appropriate to the opposite sex.

Parody’s plan for revising the student handbooks includes a pamphlet she designed in conjunction with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and other UN agencies to instruct schools on how to induce students to “respect” and “value” transgenderism and homosexuality.

Allegedly, the pamphlet in question is not yet “completed,” which Parody and the Ministry of Education are trying to use as an assurance that schools “won’t receive dictates” for what school must place in the student handbooks. However, as LifeSite News reported, this is not the case. One Catholic school has already been required by the Ministry of Education to remove phrases from its student handbook which were considered to not be in compliance with the gender ideology being pushed into schools.

All nations grappling with the issue of same-sex marriage and gender ideology must understand that with the subversion of marriage comes drastic consequences. Colombia is just one of many countries that is fighting not only to protect marriage, but to protect their rights as parents to have a say in the education of their children, particularly when it comes to protecting them from confusing and unproven gender ideology. This is what hangs in the balance in the vote on marriage. 

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