Commodified Children?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Commodified-Children.jpgIn countries where marriage is redefined, the family suffers. Since same-sex couples need to involve a third party (and often contractual arrangements) in order to conceive children, children then become just another made-to-order “accessory” to fulfil the desires of two (or more) adults. The link between biological parents and children is not only intentionally severed, but completely disregarded.

Take, for example, the case of Britain’s first gay couple to father children through surrogacy. Unsatisfied with their already clinically-conceived children, the couple is now seeking to have triplet daughters. To achieve this, the couple wants to use a sex-selection process, that while not permitted in the UK, is legal in the US – another country that has abandoned the biologically-based definition of marriage. 

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, the gay couple in question, are currently the legal parents of five children – four boys and a girl. The two youngest are male twins were created from the same batch of embryos that the gay couple now want to use to have triplet daughters, according to the Telegraph:

The embryos were created using the couple’s sperm and the eggs of a Brazilian model. She was paid £50,000 by the couple for her eggs after they spotted her on a catwalk.

Barrie outlined the couple’s plan to pick the female embryos from those ten. They will then be implanted in the womb of a surrogate mother.

Aside from the simple question of ethics regarding treating children as “commodities” for selection, there have been safety concerns raised against the process by professionals in the field:

Lisa Ann Magerman, an obstetrics blogger and nurse, raised safety concerns. “Triplet pregnancies are very high-risk to begin with,” she said “Sex selection signals they care more about balanced numbers than four lives.”

The couple plan to circumvent the prohibition on sex selection in its own country by choosing to perform the process in the US, and then return to the UK when finished. It seems that a change in the marriage law was not sufficient in achieving the desires of the couple. When prompted as to why the couple were adamantly pursuing this controversial process, it came down simply to the wishes of the two men – despite their children feeling otherwise:

There is “too much testosterone” in the Drewitt-Barlow household, said Barrie, adding that he was not too old to be a father again. “I need to have another princess in my life – or two or three,” he told newspapers.

The Drewitt-Barlows, who live in Essex, first became fathers in 1999. Each of them fertilised an egg from the same woman, resulting in the birth, thanks to a surrogate mother, of Saffron and Aspen, half-siblings who are both now 17.

They were followed by Orlando, 13, and then Jasper and Dallas. Saffron told newspapers that her fathers are “way too old” for more children.

Is this what we want in Australia? To completely ignore the crucial irreplaceable link shared between biological parents and their children? If marriage is redefined, we will lose what makes our society strong, self-relying, and sustainable: we will lose the family.

Sex selection for non-medical reasons is currently illegal in Australia, but pressure is mounting here to allow parents to use IVF to select the gender of their child (ironically, by the same people who tell us that gender is a “social construct”).

We cannot let this happen. At Marriage Alliance, we are committed to fighting to protect Australian families and we will continue to fight for your voice to tell politicians the truth: in Australia, we do not want our children to be turned into commodities, and “marriage” to be just another relationship. 

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