Comparing Domestic Abuse in Same-sex and Heterosexual Relationships

iStock_38169054_MEDIUM.jpgInitial findings from detailed UK research on same-sex domestic abuse. Its aim was to provide a detailed picture of same-sex domestic abuse, while at the same time being able to compare same-sex and heterosexual experiences of similar abuse. The research used a multi-method approach, involving a UK wide survey of domestic abuse in same-sex relationships, five focus groups and semi-structured interviews to compare experiences and meanings regarding violence and abuse in adult relationships. The research in this report was carried out between January 2005 and November 2006.

Catherine Donovan, Marianne Hester, Jonathan Holmes & Melanie McCarry, ‘Comparing Domestic Abuse in Same-sex and Heterosexual Relationships’ (University of Sunderland and University of Bristol, November 2006)

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