Concerned Parents: Education Minister Continues to Support Safe Schools Despite Criticism

Marriage-Alliance-Parents-Rights.jpgMany Australian parents are rightly concerned that the Safe Schools program impedes their rights to educate their children

Despite their concerns – and evidence refuting the claims that Safe Schools is only an anti-bullying program – NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has continued to support it.

As journalist Miranda Devine wrote in The Daily Telegraph:

For that alone he [Adrian Piccoli] should have been removed from the education portfolio. Now we discover his Education Department is inserting the same gender nonsense into the curriculum… After Piccoli repeatedly denied that Cheltenham Girls High teachers had been asked to use gender-neutral language as part of their Safe Schools preparation, we find the Department of Education has launched an official 17-page teaching resource that says exactly that.

Titled the “Teacher toolbox for delivering content related to diversity of s*x, s*xuality and gender”, it instructs teachers to “Use simple strategies within classroom teaching and learning activities, such as: de-gender language.”

Devine writes:

It’s actually one of the most benign aspects of the newly sexualised curriculum in which both gender and sexuality are absurdly taught to be as changeable as the weather… Another resource that forms part of the department’s 2015 “Crossroads” sex education program, titled “Do opposites really attract?” says that: “It is important for students to move beyond binary thinking or thinking in terms of opposites… They need to understand that gender is not fixed.”

View a copy of “Do opposites really attract?” here.

A petition by 17,500 people opposing the Safe Schools program was tabled in the NSW parliament last week. It reads that the Safe Schools program “discriminates against children and parents from other cultures who have a view of sexual relationships involving male and female as normative”.

“Gender fluidity” and other aspects of the Safe Schools program were also critiqued in a recent paper by University of Sydney law scholar Patrick Parkinson, who called for a suspension of the material.  You can find a copy of Professor Parkinson’s report here.

Want to learn more about Safe Schools? View our new Safe Schools Information kit here!

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