Coopers held “captive” – here is what’s going on

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Coopers-Damian-Wyld.jpgBy: Damian Wyld, Marriage Alliance CEO

I’m seriously concerned about the direction in which our country is headed.

There are few things as Australian as chatting with a mate over a beer. But little things like that – things we have long taken for granted – are now under vicious attack.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Coopers Brewery / Bible Society fiasco; an affair my colleague Sophie York has dubbed a “storm in a schooner”. 

Two Liberal MPs – one of whom is gay and an advocate for same-sex marriage – had an amicable chat over a beer. Sounds pretty harmless, doesn’t it?

Coopers wasn’t even involved beyond printing commemorative beer cans for the Bible Society’s bicentenary (which weren’t even used in the video), but did it prevent the hissy fit that followed? No, of course it didn’t. 

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Coopers-Damian-Wyld.jpg2.pngTrendy hipster bars vented their fury, declaring Coopers dead in scenes reminiscent of Prohibition-era America – while so-called comedian Catherine Deveny took to Twitter to hurl expletives at Coopers.

Coopers was even threatened by online activists with a boycott unless it made “3 generous donations to Australians for Equality, Make It Law via PFLAG [Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays] & Just.Equal”.

Protection money, anyone…? 

Sadly, Coopers folded under pressure, declaring its support for “marriage equality”. But what we need to remember is that Coopers is merely the latest in a long list of corporate casualties to the “marriage equality” push. 

We were reminded of that yesterday when an exposé in The Australian revealed a renewed push by corporate activists to pressure the Prime Minister on same-sex marriage – denying you a say. Thankfully, the Prime Minister has since reaffirmed the Coalition’s policy of a people’s vote.

But when we see Qantas, Telstra, Wesfarmers (parent company of Coles, among others), Holden and others engage in such underhanded tactics, what are we to think? 

  • Marriage Alliance is hearing from many supporters who are customers or employees of “captive” corporations. We share your concerns and your frustrations. Stand strong and know that you are not alone.
  • Our opponents have railed against a people’s vote on the basis it would unleash hatred and bigotry. The events of the week demonstrate the absolute rank hypocrisy of that claim.
  • It was insulting enough when “marriage equality” activists claimed politicians knew better than you on marriage and that you couldn’t be trusted with a vote. Now they’re implying that business executives know better and are the true social conscience of Australia.
  • The trends we have seen in the US, Britain and elsewhere have well and truly arrived in Australia. We can no longer kid ourselves that “it’ll never happen here”. It already has, with devastating effect. Imagine what it would be like if marriage is redefined.

Perhaps the most important – and reassuring – point to take away is one of overreach.

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Coopers-Damian-Wyld.jpg3.jpgEvery time the equality mob cheers the charging of an archbishop, the trashing of a senator’s office, the rollout of bizarre ideological sex education programs, or the capturing of yet another business in the name of “equality”, the Australian people see the agenda being foisted on them in the starkest manner possible.

Is it any wonder same-sex marriage activists so fear a people’s vote? Or why they hiss and rail when they see that civil debates actually can be had?

We must redouble our efforts in the months and weeks ahead. We must remind ourselves that nothing is inevitable and that, together, we can win this debate.

I look forward to keeping in touch and working with you on this vitally important issue.

Thank you for your continued support.

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