Damian Wyld Chats with ABC Regarding the ‘NO’ Campaign

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Damian-Wyld-ABC.jpgWhile the ‘Yes’ campaign tries vilify its opponents, the ‘No’ campaign is the side actually considering the full picture of what legalising same-sex marriage does to a society.

In a recent interview with ABC radio, Damian Wyld, CEO of Marriage Alliance, shed some light on the ‘NO’ campaign, including some of the main reasons it will not back same-sex marriage in the postal vote.

He first addressed Marriage Alliance’s new partner, the Coalition for Marriage. As Damian explained, the coalition’s main purpose is to forward the ‘No’ campaign by bringing together likeminded individuals and organisations.

“When it became clear that there might be some sort of public vote, and obviously we were all elated. The ‘NO’ case was voting for a full compulsory plebiscite. But when it became apparent that something was in the wind, the partners you mentioned earlier, mainly ourselves, Marriage Alliance, the Australian Christian Lobby, and the Catholic and the Sydney Anglicans, came together to form this new entity or Coalition of Marriage, to basically drive the ‘NO’ case and their campaign. And it is now supported by some 70 to 80 organisations.”

Damian also discussed how the ‘No’ campaign is focused on protecting the rights of the Australian people – rights which the ‘Yes’ campaign’s same-sex marriage proponents are attempting to take away. He also noted how remarkably biased the main media and even government workers have acted towards the ‘No’ campaign: 

“It’s been very one-sided in terms of what people have decided to take offense at… This morning, we wake up to the news that the Postal Workers Union are calling on Australia post not deliver any dissenting material on the issue of marriage if it even remotely pertains to the ‘NO’ vote. They are actually calling on Australian post to deem it offensive and have it banned from circulation. That’s where the debate is getting.”

Should marriage be redefined, Damian warned of the grave consequences that would accompany the policy, especially its effects on children, such as the aggressive indoctrination of Safe Schools:

“There are consequences to changing the marriage act, and people need to be aware that changing the marriage acts is more than changing a piece of paper or changing a few words. It actually has an effect on a huge swathe of the Australian community… Let’s start with what’s taught in our classrooms, I mean Safe Schools. We’ve seen the Advent of Safe Schools in the last few years. In Victoria the government plans to make it mandatory in the next few years… We’re able to debate and discuss Safe Schools at the moment. That won’t be the case once marriage is changed.”

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