Differing Opinions Not Welcome – Even in Private

2016-06-03_Differing_Opinions_Not_Welcome.jpgThe LGBTI community is at is again – this time using fear and intimidation to prevent pro-marriages supporters from holding a private event at the Occidental Hotel in Sydney last week.

Former union leader Joe de Bruyn, along with Senator Cory Bernardi, were set to speak on how conservatives could respond to the challenges of mainstream values, which would include a defence of marriage between one man and one woman.

Same-sex marriage activists, however, caught wind of the event and took it upon themselves to muzzle all involved by pressuring Occidental into banning organisers and forcing de Bruyn to withdraw entirely. Police were even contacted over concerns about the safety of event participants amidst potentially violent protestors.

The event was eventually moved to a smaller venue, where Bernardi did speak, though protestors continued to scream and chant: “We hate Bernardi and the Liberal Party! What about De Bruyn? A crusty old loon.”

In the same breath, the protestors had the gall to announce that they have “an agenda of love, people. Of love.”

Sound like a message of love and tolerance to you?

What are same-sex marriage advocates so afraid of? Are they so threatened by anyone who does not subscribe to their radical ideas that they are willing to use threats, intimidation, and bullying to silence all opposing viewpoints? Using fear as a “motivator” will do nothing to further the LGBTI cause, though same-sex marriage advocates seem pretty comfortable scaring people into agreeing – or pretending to agree – with their message.

Cory Bernardi, who courageously refused to submit to the intimidation, later summer it up well on his website, writing:

Although just a small example, this event provides a glimpse into our future under the new totalitarians. To them, the ends always justify the means. In the last week alone, we have seen a leftist spit in an official’s face at a local government meeting, self-declared anti-fascists attack peaceful demonstrators and public events cancelled because some don’t want others’ views to be heard.

What have we come to in this country when a backbench Member of Parliament can’t speak to a regular group of citizens at a local hotel for fear of violent repercussions? What does it say about the management of a hotel that cowers in the face of such intolerance?

… The choice for all of us is to decide whether we are prepared to meekly accept this imposition on our own freedoms or whether we are prepared to make our own stand.

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