Does This Sound Like a Leader to You?

2016-05-24_Words_of_a_Leader_4.jpgMarriage is proven to be the only institution in society that brings men and women together for the purpose of mothering and fathering any children born of their union. So why do some politicians insist upon characterising this natural and long-standing definition of marriage between a man and a woman as some kind of “extremist” viewpoint?

Labor Party leader Bill Shorten is recently quoted as saying:

“I bitterly resent when I hear some people judging other relationships. Until you are in that relationship, until you are raising those children, get out of my life. I don’t want your opinions … I represent a whole lot of Australians who in the last 10 years have started waking up and thinking about it and being touched by personal stories. The good news is that the religious right no longer owns the definition of what a family is. And they can’t win.

Pretty strong words for a “leader”.

The family is the fundamental building block of society, and government should be invested in protecting marriage and family – not redefining it, breaking it down, and painting a deceptive picture of pro-marriage supporters as extremists.

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