Download Now: How Much Do You Know About “Safe” Schools?

Download-Now-How-Much-Do-You-Know-About-Safe-Schools.jpg“Changing any law has consequences, intended and unintended. Changing marriage laws is no different; changing marriage laws will impact your family.”

We at Marriage Alliance launched a campaign last week to inform parents about the truth behind Safe Schools. The flyers contain a brief, but insightful overview of the Safe Schools program, including its false message and the lack of transparency in its delivery. Want to help us spread the word? Share this flyer with a friend! 

Three of the Biggest Questions About Safe Schools:

 1.     Is Safe Schools About Anti-Bullying?

It is important to address frequently asked questions about Safe Schools, such as “What exactly is it?” The program describes itself as “a national network of organisations working with schools to create safer and more inclusive environments for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families” but it is less about bullying and more about introducing children to ideas of gender fluidity and transitioning. The creators of Safe Schools have admitted that this is not about stopping bullying but “about gender and sexual diversity” (Roz Ward, co-founder of Safe Schools).

 2.     Do They Care What Parents Think?

Safe Schools tells principals and teachers to ignore parents’ concerns and distribute the material. There is no requirement for parents to be consulted or even informed by their child’s school that Safe Schools is being implemented. Safe Schools could be in your child’s school right now without your knowledge or permission.  The New South Wales and Queensland Departments of Education refuse to publish a list of schools which have signed up for the program, and while it is designed for high schools, it is currently in 75 primary schools across Australia.  Even if you or other parents raise concerns, Safe Schools organisers have instructed principles to tell concerned parents: “Tough luck” (Roz Ward, co-founder of Safe Schools).

 3.     What Subject Areas Integrate Safe Schools Curriculum?

Our flyers also give an accurate idea of how much gender ideology is being forced on students. The Safe Schools indoctrination permeates every level of the school system, from the teachers to the learning material. One parent pulled her fourteen-year-old son out of school after he was told in science class that he could wear a dress to school. “It was announced in science class that boys could wear school dresses next year,” said mother Cella White in an interview with the Herald Sun. The Safe Schools program even suggests including LGBTI material in maths classes, providing sample questions for the teachers to use. 

We encourage you to share these flyers to ensure that parents know the truth behind Safe Schools.  As we have seen, we cannot rely on those responsible for the program to keep parents informed.  . Encourage the parents you know to look at the Safe Schools curriculum, ask whether Safe Schools is in their child’s school, and stay informed. Safe Schools is directly interfering with our children’s educational curriculum; parents have a right to know what is being taught to their children. Most importantly, parents have a right to decide exactly what should be taught to their children. 

Download the Flyer Now!

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