Dutch Parliament Votes to Punish Schools That Refuse to Teach LGBTI “Tolerance”

Dutch_Parliament_LGBTI.pngIn countries that have legalised same-sex marriage, laws continue to be further manipulated in order to forcefully push the LGBTI agenda on all citizens. Disturbingly, the law can be twisted until it becomes legal to punish those whose disagree with the radical agenda. This is exactly what is happening in the Netherlands, the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage.

Dutch MPs have voted unanimously in favour of punishing schools who refuse to teach LGBTI acceptance in their curriculum. Socialist MP Jasper van Dijk put forward the proposal, in a bid to have schools fined or made subject to administrative action if they do not teach sexual diversity in the classroom.

The proposal came on the heels of a recent episode of violence against a gay couple. Violence of any kind should be harshly condemned – but using it as a means to enforce radical ideology on children, teachers and parents is also egregious.

This is a bold move by LGBTI supporters, which is typical of the ever-expanding grasp of gender theory. In countries where marriage is redefined, personal freedoms are allowed in modern society only if they happen to coincide with a particular point of view – that is, the unquestioning celebration of LGBTI relationships and culture.

Same-sex marriage was legalised in the Netherlands in 2001, rendering them the the first country in the world to enact the controversial change to the definition of marriage. Despite the claims of same-sex marriage activists that “nothing will change”, changing the definition of marriage has been followed in by drastic moves against freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

The curriculum in the Netherlands has included sexual diversity education since 2012. However, the Education Inspectorate reports that about 20 percent of schools do not teach the polarising subject.

The “presented goal” of penalising refusals to teach gender theory is to allegedly help prevent discrimination. Seems ironic that for the sake of protecting against discrimination, the government sanctions discriminating against those who disagree with the program’s agenda. As we have seen with the Safe Schools program on our own doorstep, such programs are simply means of transmitting radical ideologies through the education system.

As the Media Research Center noted:

“It might seem more than a bit contradictory for people to compel taxpayers to pay for an education program that teaches kids about the virtues of voluntary peaceful association and same-sex love.”

It is truly ironic that the same people who wish to promote “inclusion” and “tolerance” show intolerance in the extreme when their wishes are not met. In this case, simply choosing to continue with the most basic functions of teaching academics is seen as insubordination to the politically-correct mandate of the times.

We have seen here in Australia that if enough people speak up, the coercive tide of gender theory in schools can be turned. We hope that this is the case elsewhere.

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