Emma Watson Receives First ‘Gender Neutral’ Best Acting Award

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Emma-Watson-Receives-First-Gender-Neutral-Best-Acting-Award__.jpgAfter identity politics stole the spotlight at the 2017 Oscars and the ARIA Awards, it became clear that the LGBTI agenda had infiltrated the realms of Hollywood and celebrity culture to the core. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards followed suite. 

Using Emma Watson, an ardent proponent of the ‘gender-neutrality’ movement, as their face, they bestowed on her the first ‘gender-neutral’ Best Actor Award of the evening. The moment was fully leveraged down the most minute detail. ‘Non-binary’ actor Asia Kate Dillion was chosen to announce the award, while Emma’s acceptance speech was a mini advocacy campaign for the cause of ‘gender neutrality’.

But not everyone thought it was a wonderful idea. In response to this display, Piers Morgan wrote a strongly worded article in the Daily Mail expressing his concerns about the incident:

‘The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience,’ Ms Watson said.

It certainly does, yes.

It says to me that we’ve all gone barking bloody bonkers…

I am 100 percent in favor of full gender equality between men and women… but I am 100 percent opposed to the concept of there being 157 different ways (at last count) to ‘self-identify’ one’s gender, and equally opposed to the consequential rising demand for ‘gender neutrality’.

As we are well aware, this is not how the proponents of gender ideology recognise this event. They view this award as another step forward in their crusade to enthrone identity politics as the ruling ‘god’. But is this really a victory? Practically applied, is the last thing its proponents want, especially in the case of Ms Watson, a self-label feminist.

As Piers Morgan explains:

Well, let’s take Ms Watson’s thinking to its natural conclusion.

If she truly wants gender-neutral competition, then she should include the Olympic Games in her campaign.

Men and women would no longer compete in the current myriad gender-specific events; instead, they would compete against each other.

I guarantee this idea would last right to the moment we got to the closing ceremony of the first gender-neutral Olympics and women hadn’t won a single medal.

Not because they are less important than, or mentally inferior to, men but because men and women are simply different physiological creatures.

When you put the strongest, most powerful and fastest men up against their female equivalents, the men will invariably win.

So every single medal podium in the gender-neutral Olympics would be men-only.

I think we can all confidently predict what Emma Watson would scream about that:


The contradictory nature of these identity politics lends further credence to the absolute insanity which the gender revolution has created. Not only has it stifled our freedom of speech and threatened our personal beliefs, it has also eradicated the cultural awareness of consequences. In reality, such consequences are so widespread that they are not just taking their toll on the silent majority – they are affecting even the most backward celebrities. In short, in a ‘genderless’ world, everyone loses.


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