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It is time to move forward. Safe Schools claims to promote ‘anti-bullying’, but it’s clear that the program is still a gateway for gender identity indoctrination. Safe Schools confuses children about their identity. Before the program was introduced into Victorian classrooms, six children per year were seeking treatment for gender dysphoria; that number is now 250 kids each year. Western Australia is also seeing a worrying increase. 

Education ministers Rob Stokes of New South Wales and Jeremy Rockliff of Tasmania listened to the concerns raised by their constituents about the Safe Schools program.

Their decision to remove Safe Schools from classrooms in their respective states is an important step toward progress. They put the wellbeing of students before aggressive, political agendas.

Now, we are asking all education ministers to do the same: it is time to remove the Safe Schools program from every state and territory in Australia. Let’s get on with it!

Sign the petition now: ask your education minister to scrap the Safe Schools program and protect our children!

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To the Ministers of Education serving Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Australian Capital Territory,

It is time to say ‘no’ to Safe Schools. Safe Schools has shown to be an insidious program, designed to indoctrinate our children with gender ideology, while stripping away the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit.

Safe Schools is a drain on our education resources and our teachers. It causes unnecessary tension between parents and schools, and forces our children to view explicit content at a young age. 

We, the undersigned, ask you to follow the example of your fellow ministers in New South Wales and Tasmania: listen to the concerns of your constituents and scrap the Safe Schools program. It is time for all of Australia to give our students the opportunity to grow up without being force-fed dangerous views on identity, gender, and sexuality. Let’s end Safe Schools once and for all.

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