Even after “transitioning”, transgender students are choosing to stay at single-sex schools

Marriage-Alliance-Transitioning-Schools.jpgGender ideologists tell us that in order to make “transgender” individuals feel “welcome and accepted”, entire school communities have to conform to the ideals and ways of the transgender lobby, including mixed gender bathrooms, sporting teams and school camp sleeping arrangements, lessons on gender fluidity, and unisex uniform policies. Yet, real life cases from the UK show that the exact opposite is true. 

In a bizarre twist on the standard “coming out” story, the Times Educational Supplement reported that transgender students in the UK actually end up choosing to stay in single-sex schools, and are happy with their decision! Ashley Miller, a psychologist at London’s Tavistock and Portman Gender Identity Development Service said that:

“Children defining as a different gender – quite often, you get young people who choose to stay in the same single-sex school,” Dr Miller told the Developing Teenager conference today.

“Some young people have friendship groups and staff they trust, and want to stay at the same school, because they feel supported.”[emphasis added]

Clearly, these children still feel comfortable around and supported by their current friends, despite the common assertion that their situation is holding them back from finding their “true selves”.

Gemma Curtis, of LGBTI lobby group Diversity Role Models, said that teacher’s attitudes were to blame when transgender children felt uncomfortable at school.

“It’s about the school mentality around supporting gender dysphoric young people,” she said. “It’s about the culture of the school.

“I think it’s about staff training. Make it really clear that it’s all about protecting students. That’s the fundamental thing you need to do.”

This flies in the face of claims that the curriculum changes need to be made to be detailed and LGBTI-specific.

Emma Silver, a psychologist at The Brandon Centre, said it was teachers’ responsibility to ensure children could deal with social challenges.

“Schools have lots of skilled people working there, helping young people to develop problem-solving skills,” she said. “Without those life skills, young people will become isolated and overwhelmed.”

Silver’s opinions confirm the reality that schools have no reason to impose gender ideology programs, be they Safe Schools or other programs. It is possible to support children who are experiencing gender issues without forcing programs upon their fellow students, teachers, or anyone else involved. Even when given a chance to change schools, transgender students still identify with their peers who are the same gender as the “transitioned” students’ birth gender.

Here in Australia, Safe Schools proponents and gender ideologist are lying to us. Schools do not need to push graphic materials on impressionable children in order to “combat” LGBTI bullying. Societies do not need to overhaul the fundamental understanding of gender to “include” gender “diverse” individuals.

It is entirely possible for heterosexual individuals and “transgender” individuals to respect one another’s choices, without enforcing radical agendas.

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