Former MP: Safe Schools Program is Disgusting

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Disgusting.pngMembers of the Tasmanian Liberal Party passed a motion calling for the abolishment of the so-called Safe Schools program at its recent annual conference.

The motion was moved by the Southern Young Liberals who said that, despite the program’s advocates insisting that the program is combatting “bullying,” the material is too sexualised and driven by Marxist ideology. Former MP Brett Whiteley is under no illusions when it comes to Safe Schools:

Former Braddon MP Brett Whiteley has labelled the Safe Schools program a “disgusting program, a political activist tool with a radical left wing agenda”.


He said that when a group of politicians reviewed the program witnesses had to be in the room to ensure that allegations of paedophilia did not result from examination of the websites linked to the program.

“Within two hyperlinks our children would be in adult sex websites,” he said.

Safe Schools proponents responded immediately in the fashion we have unfortunately come to expect from them. Instead of engaging with his legitimate concerns, Opposition education spokeswoman Michelle O’Byrne engaged in a personal attack, calling for the exclusion of not only Mr Whiteley’s views, but him personally, from Tasmania:

Head-in-the-sand, narrow-minded, petty and mean-spirited former politicians like Mr Whiteley have no place in a modern, accepting and tolerant Tasmania,” she said.

Mr Whiteley is not exaggerating: the content that safe schools pushes onto our children is disgusting. The program has the audacity to masquerade as an “anti-bullying” resource, while pushing graphic material on children. Despite the program’s disregard for the wellbeing of children, parental rights, and educational respect, its proponents continue to push for it and to denigrate those who raise legitimate concerns about its content.

But the advocates are not fooling anyone about their real motives. Parents continue to voice their disgust and rejection of the program. Australians know full well that Safe Schools is a program of indoctrination aimed at our children. We agree with former MP Brett Whiteley: it truly is disgusting.  

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