Freedom, With Brendan O'Neill In Sydney

Making the case for Freedom

Join us on the evening of Tuesday 16 August as Brendan O'Neill discusses Gay Marriage and the Freedom of Conscience.

We are privileged to have Brendan O’Neill, a world renowned journalist, columnist for The Australian and Editor of Spiked Online provide an engaging address followed by a dynamic questions and answer session which will be sure to prompt consideration and discussion of many issues as Australia prepares for the people’s vote on same-sex marriage in 2017.

If you have never heard of Spiked Online, it is described as the publication that puts the case for human endeavour, intellectual risk-taking, and freedom of speech against those who would seek to restrain thought and police our speech.

Brendan is an influential voice for free speech and regularly draws attention to the intolerant streak of those advocating for a redefinition of marriage.  This is a unique opportunity to engage your entire network in a discussion about freedoms and the future of marriage. 


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