Freedoms at work under attack


By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson - 

Would you believe it – your workplace is the new battleground for marriage? This week, big companies took another step to make you feel excluded in your workplace.

On Monday, Qantas and Google announced they would be providing all staff ‘acceptance rings’ to show support for redefining marriage.

As I highlighted on ABC News 24 yesterday – won’t this increase workplace shaming and possible bullying for those that don’t want to redefine marriage? Are they going to feel uncomfortable? Are they still ‘free’ to disagree?

Over the last week, you would have seen a targeted campaign to harass and remove people like you from their jobs for simply believing in the current definition of marriage.

Marriage Alliance has been pushing back, calling out our opposition’s intolerance and speaking up in the media.

We also undertook crucial polling showing that the push to redefine marriage is shrinking.

With your help we can continue getting the truth out to all Australians, working directly in Canberra with politicians, and supporting people like you that are being threatened in the workplace.

Our jobs are clearly under threat, and we need to make sure that all firms, their CEOs, executives and board directors are committed to your free speech in the workplace.

Will you join me in supporting Marriage Alliance?

Without your financial support we will be limited in our ability to speak for your freedoms in the workplace.

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