Gallup Reveals Same-Sex Marriages' Low after US Supreme Court Ruling

iStock_73040033_XLARGE.jpgA new study from Gallup reveals that the United States, which legalised same-sex marriage last summer, has seen little increase in the number of same-sex couples getting married since the court decision.

One News Now reports on the situation:

Despite all the hype after the one-year anniversary of Obergefell, the statistics revealed by Gallup are far from impressive when it comes to the actual proportion of Americans tying the knot who are engaged in homosexual behavior.

“Gallup currently estimates 3.9 percent of U.S. adults are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender,” the Gallup report states. “Currently, 9.6 percent of LGBT adults report being married to a same-sex spouse.”

Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg noted that by and large, heterosexuals tend to be much more interested in marriage than homosexuals:

Sprigg then did the math to make his point more clear that straight Americans have a much higher regard for marriage and fidelity than those identifying as LGBT.

“If the percentage of same-sex couples who reject marriage (by cohabiting instead) is 51 percent, and the percentage of the general public who do the same thing is only 12 percent, this suggests that those in homosexual relationships are over four times more likely to reject marriage than those in heterosexual relationships are,” he concluded.

Gallup’s data lays bare what should have been obvious long ago: same-sex marriage is about more than  equality. The consequences are a grave infringement on our freedoms and a devaluing of the meaning of marriage.

“One thing should now be clear — the drive to redefine the institution of marriage was not really about marriage,” Sprigg concluded. “The data from the Gallup report prove that most people with same-sex sexual attractions do not ‘need,’ and do not even want, to marry. The primary purpose of redefining marriage was not to gain access to the institution of marriage, but to put the official governmental stamp of approval on homosexual relationships by declaring them identical to heterosexual ones, even though they clearly are not.”

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