Will gender-neutral toilets be compulsory in all Aussie institutions?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Gender-Neutral-Toilets.jpgLGBT activists have just submitted a proposal to Australias National Building Codes Board (NBCB) demanding that the National Construction Code be changed to require all public and commercial properties to provide gender-neutral toilets. The facilities are an attempt to cater to transgender and genderqueer individuals who do not identify with the present male and female bathroom designations.

The NBCB initially refused to review the request, stating that the new code would be superfluous, considering that unisex toilets already exist:

It has refused to include it in a review of the National Construction Code on the basis that unisex disability access toilets are already available

I struggle to see a need for this, “Master Builders Queensland deputy chief executive Paul Bidwell said. We already have unisex toilets, parents rooms, men and womens toilets. Its a significant requirement already. 

However, there is speculation that the issue will now be considered during the next Building Minister Forum this coming month. The reasoning seems to be based on nothing more than political correctness:

But The Sunday Mail believes that the matter will now be referred for consideration at the Building Minister Forum when it meets in the New Year.

Supporters say the move is important to spare transgender people the embarrassment they frequently experience when using male or female toilets.

Australian Building Codes Board chairman John Fahey has confirmed that a proposal for change was received by the ABCB, to consider inclusion of gender neutral toilets as part of the NCC (National Construction Code).

The rationale was that the NCC does not reflect the diversity of the Australian community when it comes to the labelling and regulation of sanitary facilities, he said in a statement.

In comparison with other issues to be discussed at the Building Minister Forum, which regularly deal with building safety standards, the issue seems unnecessary for those assessing whether a building complies with all safety requirements. However, our politically correct society dictates that the subject of gender-neutral toilets is equally as pressing as the inflammation of a public building.

This policy, if passed, could nationally force public arenas and private businesses to install gender-natural toilets. Not only is this an extremely expensive overhaul to accommodate a small percentage of the population, but it could lead to a situation where all toilets are made gender-neutral, something a greater proportion of the population feel uncomfortable with.  

Why would anyone want this made part of our national requirements?

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