Gender-Neutral Uniforms Could Soon Become a Reality

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Neutral-Uniform.jpgDue to a proposal by the Safe Schools Victoria Coalition, schools may soon adopt gender-neutral dress codes.

The ABC reports:

A move away from a strictly boys-wear-pants, girls-wear-skirts dress code has been proposed by the Safe Schools Victoria coalition.

In an interview with ABC, Ann-Marie Hayes, executive director of the SA Education Department, spoke in support of the proposal. She stated that the prospective dress code posed a valid solution for bullying and emphasised that such a policy change would “help adapt to current demands”.  

“We already have [some] very good neutral uniforms.”

“We actually make it very clear to the schools that they need to ensure there is no discrimination.”

Ms Hayes placed emphasis on transgender students, saying that gender-neutral uniforms could make them feel more comfortable at school.

“If they wanted to choose to wear a girl's uniform, because that is the diversity that they are choosing — they would be subjected to the same rules.”

“If we put the wellbeing of our students at the forefront ... we are ensuring that you can come to school and feel respected and have a safe place to be yourself.”

[Ms Hayes] said the schools' governing councils needed to be encouraged to set dress codes that could not cause discomfort for students of different religious or sexuality backgrounds.

But is raising and educating children simply about making them ‘comfortable’ by not ever challenging their decisions? Every good parent knows that they have a responsibility to ensure that they provide boundaries which will prevent their child from being harmed in the future. To help parents best protect and educate their children, parents must know the truth: gender ideology is harmful. 

In an editorial in The Mercury, Black Young reminded readers of the problems rife in the Safe Schools program. He stressed the fact that encouraging children to play different genders has far-reaching consequences for their lives and wellbeing.

In Safe Schools lies the idea that gender is an ineffable quality that can only be actualised by the individual, and then only after it has been discovered through happenstance and time.

It is wrong, says the Safe School, for parents, doctors, or teachers to presume a child’s gender is based on something so mundane, bourgeois and unenlightened as biology.

Children, in some cases very young children, are encouraged to assert their gendered identity. Before they hit puberty, sometimes before they can even read, kids are locked into decisions that may affect every single day of the rest of the lives. 

The Safe School holds that only the blithe and bigoted and unloving person would ever question this system. The only acceptable course of action is that of affirmation.

This strikes one as an odd way of raising children. Expecting them to be the repository of knowledge while all of society is to sit quietly on the outside, passive observers and nothing more.

This is a bad program.

Do you think gender-neutral uniforms will solve the problem of bullying?

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