Gender Theory Ban: NSW Schools Come to Their Senses

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Gender-Theory-Ban-NSW-Schools-Come-Their-Senses.jpgWhen a radical agenda deviates from common sense and openly denies the facts, it dooms itself to be annihilated under any close scrutiny. Such is the case for the Crossroads program, which is based largely on the gender theory propounded by Safe Schools. The controversial Crossroads program has been banned in NSW schools following an independent review. 

Many parents have been rightly concerned about their children being taught that gender is a “social construct”, and that sexuality is “non-binary” and “constantly changing”, and that teachers were instructed to “de-gender” their language and use explicit case studies or examples. One such “case study” featured a married father with children, who fantasises about sexual experiences with his male friends. Another teaching aid to be scrapped is the “Genderbread Person”, which has been used to illustrate the “infinite possibilities” of gender identity. Thankfully, these explicit, adult-themed examples should soon cease to be pushed on NSW school children. ­


As reported in The Australian:

Announced in September, the review by professor Bill Louden followed reports in The Australian that a sex education resource, the Teacher Toolbox for delivering content related to diversity of sex, sexuality and gender, was promoting Safe Schools materials, possibly in contravention of federal guidelines.

The scientific foundations of such materials are hotly disputed, and the independent review signals a welcome change in holding educational bodies accountable.

The concept of deconstructing gender derives from 1990s “queer” theory and is understood to be highly contested, even within the social sciences. According to the NSW Education Standards Authority’s statement of equity principles, curriculum and support materials should reflect evidence-based ­research.

The document also states, however, that teaching materials should provide “opportunities for students to evaluate and deconstruct gender and sexuality”.

Even though the materials have been pulled from schools, parents are still being kept in the dark, because the report has not been publicly released. But parents have a right to read the findings of the independent reviewer, especially because similar programs – such as Safe Schools – are still being taught in NSW schools:

 Labor MP Greg Donnelly, who has campaigned for the ­removal of Safe Schools, called on the Education Department to ­release the latest review.

It is important that the public gets to see what is in the review ­report. Given the highly controversial statements that were contained in the teaching material, mums and dads are ­entitled to know what the review report says and recommends.

While it is good news that Crossroads has been banned, we also need to keep our Department of Education accountable so that they don't just move the same people who devised this dangerous program to another area in education. Case in point, look at what happened in Victoria: Safe Schools was moved from LaTrobe University to the Department of Education, but then the Department of Education just hired the co-founder of Safe Schools to work on another sexuality program for schools. While NSW parents have a won a fight against Crossroads, the battle is far from over.

As we have seen many times before, our educational system is being disintegrated in order to push radical and politically correct ideologies on our children. Parents need to know when their children are being force-fed such radical ideologies at school, especially when they clash with their beliefs. We need to encourage similar reviews of Safe Schools and other gender theory initiatives to keep educators accountable.

Gender theory programs are being unmasked for the ideological propaganda messes they truly are. NSW has taken the reins in curbing the spread of such materials through our schools. If other states are responsible, they will follow suit. 

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